Lucky Charmz LHLT006

Lucky Charmz returns to Lehult with sun-kissed EP, U Still Coming Over?

Lucky Charmz is making a return to German imprint Lehult this month, coming full circle after both his and Lehult’s debut Follow Me To Flottbeck Falls EP was released back in 2014. LHT006 is the U Still Coming Over? EP, coming in after a series of well received 12 inches from crew members Eddie Ness, Johan Kaseta, Liem and DJ Assam. The long overdue follow up to Lucky Charmz’s first EP is a fresh batch of sunset groovers, with four tracks that finds him further exploring his knack for constructing alluring synth harmonies over stripped-back four to the floor patterns. It’s another step forward for the close-knit, ever-growing Lehult label and an important chapter in their history.

‘Waffle Cut’, which we’re premiering today, is the third track from the EP and another Lucky Charmz tune that radiates warmth and happiness. Trickling arpeggios float across the stratosphere whilst woozy pads put you in deep meditation. Moving percussion and an evolving bass-line provide the backbone and make this one equally suited for the dance floor as well as the comedown.

Lucky Charmz – U Still Coming Over? is out now on Lehult and you can buy it here