logan sama

Logan Sama’s Forgotten Garage Classics

The premier DJ in Grime today, Logan Sama – like a lot of people in the scene, actually had his beginnings in Garage. Finding his feet on pirate radio back in 2001, Logan started out by spinning dark and dirty UKG – taking inspiration from the likes of Slimzee and DJ EZ. Eventually he’d move on to Rinse FM and then KISS, as he became the ambassador to radio for the burgeoning scene. Now the unquestioned top selector in the game, he’s moved on to running his own YouTube channel and website under the apt name, Keepin It Grimy.

He’s still got love for the Garage which he made his name playing, so ahead of his appearance on the Tropical Showcase at Saturday’s Ceremony Festival alongside Skepta, JME, Preditah and Plastician, we got Logan to compile a playlist of his favourites. Full of bass heavy riddims the playlist in his own words is made up of, “some of the tracks that guided me down the dark, untrodden path of what would become Grime when I was just a wee pirate radio DJ back in 2001.”

Agent X – ‘Killahertz’ (Heatseeker Recordings)

I loved this tune. I dunno if it was the genius stroke of tagging up the Slimzee and EZ dubplates of it so well, but when I got to cut this I was so gassed! A true classic!

Groove Chronicles – ‘Black Puppet’ (DPR)

This was filthy. This is ‘Garage’ but show your average ‘I Bring You Flowers’ singing Garrij Girl this and she would run for the hills. Bad tune!

Masterstepz – ‘Melody’ (Outlaw Records)

Sampling. Looping. Disgusting sub bass. This was an anthem in the underground Garage raves. It really set pace for what came later.

So Solid – ‘Dilemma (Instrumental)’ (Relentless Records)

When this was on dubplate without the signature ‘So…Solid…’ sample over it the whole of London was rushing round trying to work out who or where this tune came from!

Darqwan – ‘Confused’ (White)

Oris Jay’s alias. This was tearing down FWD>> before there was Dubstep.

Jammin – ‘Kinda Funky’ (Bingo Beats)

We all knew it was DJ Zinc. I still remember the blue Bingo Beats promo. I still remember being in my bedroom listening to DJ EZ chops as he brought this in with supreme skill and maximum impact then trying my best to imitate them as I tried to learn my craft.

Wookie/Exemen – ‘Duppy’ (Manchu Recordings)

So many aliases floating about as Garage came to an end and producers experimented. This was Wookie at his dirtiest. Nastiest. Angriest. Everyone knows Storm. But this one pushed the envelope.

Sticky – ‘Triplets’ (Social Circles) 

One of the first producers to meld Hip Hop and Garage truly, Sticky will always be a pioneer in my eyes. As soon as you heard the DJ chop in that signature chime it was on!

DJ Youngstar – ‘True VIP’ (New Deal Recordings)

When Breakbeat was crossing over into the 135bpm world thanks to DJs like EZ having an ‘anything goes as long as it works’ set policy, this one was a proper stomper!

Live Wire – ‘Devistate’ (Live Wire)

No idea who’s alias this was. This tune was sick though! Bouncy yet TOUGH! Perfect dark Garage vibes!

DJ Wire – ‘Believe Me’ (Self-released)

Now Example’s tour DJ, Wire came to prominence when he sent a minidisc of this James Brown sampling 8 bar tune in to EZ…

The Reelists – ‘Freak Mode’ (DnD mix) (Go! Beat) 

Forget the sweet Sunship commercial 2 Step vocal mix, this was ALLL about the DnD dub mix on the flip! Around the same time as ‘Sounds Of The Future’ it channeled the same energy. Wicked tune!

Entourage Crew – ‘Terrible’ (Solid City Records) 

The first Roll Deep record. I still remember Slimzee’s dubplate with the orchestral rendition of Know We dropping into Terrible. The Puff Daddy sample says it all… “No one knows where we coming from…. Or where we tryna get to…”

Logan Sama plays the Tropical Showcase alongside Skepta, JME, Preditah and Plastician on the Urban Nerds stage at Ceremony Festival this Saturday. Buy Tickets here.