Trevor Jackson

Listen to a recently unearthed cut from Trevor Jackson’s Playgroup project

Remastered gem loses nothing in translation.

Following a plethora of successful releases last year, audo-visual adventurer Trevor Jackson has returned with a compilation of forgotten material from his legendary Playgroup project, entitled ‘previously unreleased’. Currently being released as a nine vinyl compilation over the course of nine weeks, the collection contains a huge selection of tracks, featuring a wide range of contributors, from EDMX to a young Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet). Many of the tracks have been freshly re-edited and tweaked with the assistance of Sasha Crnobrnja, of In Flagranti fame.

‘Get Down’, the lead track from the fifth release of the 9 vinyl  is a solid slab of stripped down proto-house, its minimalist structure, and analog bass slots in perfectly with the modernist ethos running throughout the release. Listen below.

EP#5 is out on the 19th of August, get your copy here.

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