Tum Hulbruk

Hyp 141: Tum Hulbruk

Exploring the sonic territory between dubstep, house and techno through an emphasis on rhythm that recalls the likes of Pearson Sound, Tum Hulbruk’s release on Lo Note UK is one of the year’s most assured debuts. On tracks like ‘Dimens’, the young Kingston upon Thames based producer supplies skewed percussion and brooding atmospherics to create something suitable for both headphones listening and dancefloor deployment.

With an intriguing future ahead of him, we asked Hulbruk to supply the 141st edition of our weekly mix series and the results, as you can hear below, were interesting to say the least. From the exotic sounds of opening cut, ‘Flute Seller In Damascus’ by Deben Bhattacharya to offerings from Funk Butcher and Zed Bias’ FunkBias collaboration and Gunnar Haslam’s recent debut on L.I.E.S, Hyp141 is a mix that will keep you on your toes. Check the mix out below as well as brief chat with Hulbruk himself.

How long have you been making music for?

I First started playing music learning guitar before being introduced to electronic music through Jungle and DnB. Started messing around with Acid Pro shortly after.

What’s your production setup like at the moment?

I use Logic to write, that’s about it at the moment.

It would certainly be inaccurate to purely call your music ‘dubstep’, although that is definitely a prominent influence upon it. How much has that genre impacted on what you do?

It definitely has had a big impact on my sound, but I arrived on that scene pretty late, growing up around Jungle and Drum and Bass and then moving toward Techno and house, before getting into Dubstep through hearing people like Ramadanman, Peverelist, Shackleton, which definitely had a lasting impression on my own ambitions for production.

What inspires you outside of dance music?

Alot! Can, Ornette Coleman, more ambient stuff too.

Your recent release on Lo Note UK is excellent. Dark, percussive and atmospheric. Describe the process in getting it together?

The EP is 2 tracks made last year, When writing I didn’t have the concept of them running together as a collective piece of music but i think they make sense on the same record, and the two extra tracks on the digital release are a bit older, created a few years ago both around the same time too. My general process of creating music tends to be to putting an idea down and then spending way too long rewriting, deleting, layering and processing it, until I think it fits within my idea of what I wanted from it.

A word on the making of, and the idea behind your mix?

The mix was recorded at my house using all vinyl, I tried to give a full spectrum of the kind of styles and sounds that inspire me

What ambitions do you have for where you want to take your sound?

Just wanna carry on experimenting with sampling and percussion, and find more time for making and playing new music.