South London Ordnance

Hodge’s Corner: South London Ordnance

Last time in Hodge’s Corner he enlisted a posse of Bristol locals (Kowton, Sam Binga, Chris Harrell, Zhou and El Kid) to quiz the Gorgon Sound duo Kahn & Neek on all sorts of entertaining matters.

This time around he calls upon his pal South London Ordnance and presents him with a set of questions compiled from a number of Pet Shop Boy interviews from over the years that Hodge feels “suit him quite nicely…”

This site is no stranger to the astronomical rise of SLO, having hosted him in our mix series last year and in a Vs.feature alongside Canadian producer Iron Galaxy also. Following his recent signing to Hotflush and tour of the US, what’s next for the man from SW11?

Have you always had this solid idea of what you wanted look like and how you wanted to sound?

Not really, no – I started out making grime and garage influenced “UK Bass” – now I suppose my sound is much more aligned with the underground house and techno scenes. I guess it comes from playing abroad and trying on fruity V necks in American Apparel. On that note – in terms of the way I look, there’s actually a clause in the Hotflush licensing agreement that asks you to agree to wear only black when DJing, and if possible – at all times in your private life, so I don’t really have a choice.

Did you want to get into this business?

Since I was child, yes. Massively regretting it now.

Is it still exciting when you reach number one?

I’m still struggling to break into the Top 10, as it were, so I wouldn’t know. Fingers crossed though eh.

Do you feel like you’ve had so many hits its kind of just time to stop?

Put it like this, if you can make hits – you should make as many as possible. Churn them out. Disregard all artistry and hammer that formula to death, it’s the only way.

People are so aware of your image unless they have the latest stuff on they fear a sneer coming from you… how does that make you feel?

Yes I’ve always tried to make sure people feel extremely uncomfortable around me. I’m excited to hear it’s for this reason.

Its funny talking about images, as you have this funny image about being kind of difficult, is this prescribed too?

I’m fantastically easy going actually – you know, provided everything on my fucking rider is there, and no one speaks or makes eye contact with me before, during or after my set.

What can we expect from you next?

A series of canvas’s featuring portraits of celebrated UK Garage MC’s, painted in my own blood.

Catch both Hodge and South London Ordnance at this years Echo Festival in Croatia. Head here for tickets and more info…