Hex breathe new energy into the dance floor on ‘Open Source’

The London duo are dropping their debut EP on Liberation Technologies today.

Liberation Technologies, the electronic-focussed subsidiary of the esteemed Mute label, have been on a winning streak since their launch in 2012. Last year’s Hit The Breaks from Physical Therapy was a superb march through the zones of techno and breakbeat, and previous years have seen gems delivered from artists exploring the outer fringes of dance floor music, including TCF, Vessel and Mark Fell.

Today, they’re unleashing the debut EP from London based artists Hex, consisting of Charlie Noon and Tom Field. The pair take cues from a breadth of genres, including but not limited to grime, techno and rave, to forge something wholly distinct. Their approach to sound design is almost pristinely cinematic in nature, yet the five tracks across the EP hold the kind of raw elation found in the early years of the aforementioned genres.

Get in the mood for the EP and listen to ‘Open Source’ – a chaotic mixture of shattered sound sources and weaving melodies all underpinned by pulsating bass hits… and then pick up the EP over at Bleep.

Hex is out now on Liberation Technologies.