He’s Acid: Funkineven

West London soundboy Stevie J aka Funkineven has been making beats for the best part of 2 decades, infusing his grooves with the his own take on classic electro, acid, soul, hip-hop and whatever other genres his pleases, as he creates hybrid dancefloor music for the 21st century. Since the 2009 release of his anthem ‘Kleer’ with vocalist Fatima, the producer has been making waves with the Alexander Nut and Floating Points owned Eglo Records, becoming deeply entrenched in their new 21st century take on modern boogie music.

Ahead of his appearance at the Neighbourhood party on March 9th, alongside Alix Perez, Blawan and Khanage, we thought we’d email the man to get the inside track on his album plans, the Eglo family, and his plans for 2011.

What’s your first memory of music, and how did you get into it seriously?
I have loads!!! of memories, but mostly black music my family were listening to in the 80’s, from ragga, reggae, soul, boogie, house, rare groove & I loved hip hop. Because of hip-hop I decided to be apart of it, from dancing to rapping which became production – the rest is history!

How would you describe your own productions?
Electronic fusion from all styles and genres mixed in to a chemistry via classic drum machines & synths.

You’ve mentioned the large back catalogue of beats you have on your hard drive – how far do these lead back
Hmm I’d say around 1993-5, also on cassette tapes and zip discs too.

Is there any one track you’re particularly proud of, and why?
‘She’s Acid’, because that’s a proper natural experiment using soul, hip-hop and acid in one. I really thought people wouldn’t understand it – but hey!

How did you first hook up with Eglo?
I’ve seen Alex and Sam around for a while, & I was working with Fatima for sometime before, so she kinda introduced me to them. I played ‘Kleer’ at Plastic People one night, Alex and Sam were there, the crowd went crazy, and then they asked if I wanted to release it. It took off from there ever since…

Obviously you’ve worked with vocalists before – are you a fan of collaboration, and do you have any collabs in the pipeline?
I’m not too much of a big fan of collabs but open for a challenge. I’ve worked with Arp101 and Kyle Hall but don’t know what more is gonna happen as yet.

You work with Eglo’s first lady Fatima alot – what is it that you think you two share creatively? A lot of the time its just freedom of a mad chemistry to do what we want and see what happens. 9 time out of 10 It works well.

Do you have any plans for a live show or an album?
Yeah both – an album and something live to show off my drum machines haha! Hopefully by summer though…

How is your 2011 shaping up – what will you be up to this year?
More touring and an album/EP with some videos. Something nice to hear & see.

What can we expect from you release-wise?
My next release should be a 12″ EP called ‘Roland’s Jam’. A house/electro/acid thing.

Catch Funkineven alongside Alix Perez, Blawan and Khanage at Plastic People for the Neighbourhood party on 9th March – facebook event here.