Gohda battles the elements on his remix of LTHL’s ‘Prophet’

Together with producer Kareful, LTHL is one half of Radar’s monthly Liquid Ritual show, where the pair have been pushing an internet-incubated trap/grime hybrid known simply as ‘wave’.

Having debuted on District Sound last year with ‘Questions’, LTHL (that’s him up there) has since released the XXIII EP back in March, a set of spacey instrumental grime mutations that sound equally impressive on headphones as they do in the club.

Now the label are releasing a remix package with contributions from Deadcrow, Merouac and Scalade. We’re happy to be premiering the remix of ‘Prophet’ by elusive Philadelphia producer Gohda.

Where LTHL’s original excelled in hyperspace textures and building tension, Gohda locks the track into deep freeze, with skittering percussion that sounds like sleet pounding ceaselessly against a snowmobile windscreen in the dead of night. Whether or not you find your way back home is entirely at the mercy of the elements. Listen below:

EDIT: Fellow producer Gundam has sourced some visuals from acclaimed ’80s manga film Akira to make this great video for the remix. Watch it below:

XXIII (Remixes) is out 27 May on District Sound, pre-order here.

Featured image: Jun Yokoyama