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Ghettos & Gardens: Justin Martin

Justin Martin of course, needs no introduction. A Dirtybird original, he’s been showcasing his dichotomised style for well over a decade, exploring the immediate contrasts that come when combining luscious, sculpted surroundings and dank booty bass. After a career releasing straight singles, he finally dropped his heavily anticipated debut album last month, to great acclaim, and he’s set to exert his influence with a number of live shows.

Ghettos & Gardens solidifies Martin’s reputation as one of the more carefree characters on the circuit today, refusing to get caught up with anything that might resemble self-importance. Despite the loose attitude, it’s a trait that’s carefully reinforced by strict appliance and dedication; there’s a lot of craft apparent in Martin’s work, be it from the curious and delicate ‘Nude’ remix, or from a full on floor-filler like the album’s title track, ‘Ghetto’s & Gardens’.

The crux of Justin Martin’s philosophy, however, lies with the simple notion of fun, something that becomes instantly clear when meeting the man. We shake hands after a tepid and slightly uneasy wait in the hotel, with only an oddly uncomfortable guest for company. The night was still in its infancy, with the other headliners including Martyn still lounging in the lobby, and even Fabric’s queue left a little to be desired.

We learned from our time with Martin that he doesn’t do half measures. An enthusiastic greeting aside, the conclusion of our interview saw Martin indulge in a frankly bizarre run away from Fabric, citing forgotten materials from the hotel, despite going in the opposite direction. After an interview that included the illustriously named Thugfuckers literally carrying the producer off, it wasn’t all that surprising.

Check out the full video interview below

Interview & words: Seb Mehrej