chrissy murderbot

“Fun Shit”: Chrissy Murderbot

Once called “The hardest-working motherfucker in Chicago”, Chrissy Murderbot has been on the radar a few years now, first coming to our attention through his work with fellow bass producer Starkey, having brought the sounds of ‘Street Bass’ to the UK shores back in 2008.

Since then, the Kansas City producer, now based in Chicago, has been firing out straight dancefloor bombs left, right and center, running two labels (Sleazetone and the now defunct Dead Homies) releasing on frontier labels like Planet Mu and WIDE), as well as undertaking a full year of mixtapes in 2009/10 that saw him mix up a different genre each week, from tin-pan dancehall to synth-pop and beyond.

Appearing alongside Starkey, Lil Silva, Raffertie, Warlock, Greenmoney and more this Friday as part of the FOUND Series at Hidden, we caught up with the hard working bass export to talk through the UK scene, his eclectic tastes, and what to expect from a Chrissy Murderbot set….

You are based in Chicago, how does the music and club scene differ from Chicago to London?
The club scene in Chicago isn’t nearly as exciting or varied as London’s. America in general (and Chicago in particular) have this recurring problem of being really ahead of the curve in terms of making forward-thinking new music but at the same time being way behind Europe in terms of nightlife. Which isn’t to say there aren’t some great parties in Chicago, just not nearly enough of them for a city the size of Chicago.

Chrissy Murderbot & MC Zulu – ‘The Vibe Is So Right (Original)’

Tell us a bit about your sound because you take your influences from a very broad range of genre’s from juke to hip-hop to garage…
My sound is just fun party music I guess. I’m really influenced by everything from classic rave and jungle to ghetto house, juke, Chicago house, disco, new jack swing and r ‘n’ b, anything that is fun and catchy and works on a dance floor. So I try to keep my own productions equally open minded in terms of genre – I guess I don’t like being pinned down!

You are renowned for being extremely hard working and really pushing your sound through releases and mixtapes a plenty – where do you find the energy for it all?
I love music, so it doesn’t really take much convincing to devote all my energy to it. I guess I might have more energy than some people, but I’m not Superman or anything. I just do what I love as much as I can every day. Beats working, right?

Chrissy Murderbot – ‘Jiggle’

What acts are you feeling from the London or UK music scene at the moment?
Om Unit (everything he does is fucking amazing), Ital Tek, Murlo, all the Butterz dudes, Monkeysteak, Futureboogie Recordings and Idle Hands out of Bristol, Sarantis, Lenkemz, Horse Meat Disco, Scratcha DVA (who has been killing it on the oddball post-garage R&B tip lately), Africa Hitech, Baobinga and ID, DJ champion, Lil Silva, Squire of Gothos – too many people to name!

Who are you most looking forward to performing with this Friday at Z-Shed?
Lil Silva, who is amazing and I’ve never met before, and also Starkey, who is amazing and an old friend. I love gigs where I get to hang with old pals and make new pals at the same time…

What can we expect to hear from your set this coming Friday?

Interview: Yasmin Galletti Di Cadilhac.

You can catch Murderbot alongside Starkey, Raffertie, Lil Silva, Greenmoney and more playing at The Z-Shed vs. Black Butter Records as part of the FOUND series, click here for more tickets and more info.