Friday Fives: R.I.P ODB Ten Years On, Gaga X Surgeon & The Black Madonna

This Friday we’ve carefully combed the internet to bring you a reminiscence on a Rap legend, a highly questionable release strategy and one of the strangest support slots we’ve ever seen.

R.I.P ODB – 10 Years On


Yesterday marked ten years since the death of Russell Tyrone Jones – known to pretty much everyone apart from his mum as Ol’ Dirty Bastard. One of the core members of Wu-Tang Clan, ODB managed the impressive task of standing out amongst a bunch of highly idiosyncratic extroverts with a unique rapping style that ran off pure unhinged brilliance. With his debut solo album he made one of the finest records to come out of the Wu Tang canon, whilst he was also responsible for timeless pop culture moments such as his hijacking of the Grammys in 1998 (which saw him beat Kanye to the punch by around 11 years) and this utterly surreal car crash of an interview on MTV. If you’re looking to reminisce about one of the most interesting voices Hip-Hop has ever seen this week you could do a lot worse than checking out this artwork or this fine tribute mix.

Ben UFO and Joy Orbison go back to back

A no-brainer choice for mix of the week, these two sets are plucked from a six hour session that took place in September at an open air venue just outside Amsterdam. The ‘Day’ portion sees the pair keep things relatively mellow with some Jazz inflected Electronica and spritely downtempo House – as well as Boddika and J.O’s as yet untitled beast forthcoming on SunkLo. Part 2 takes things up a notch in tempo and intensity with the mixing flawless throughout – TIP!

Honey nut Usher


There are a few generally accepted signs that a once great artist has begun to enter the downward trajectory of their career. Releasing a greatest hits album and putting out an unlikely collaboration are familiar markers of decline – but they are now joined by putting out new material via a box of cereal. The offending party in this case is none other than former king of commercial RnB Usher – who’s arrived at this unique rock bottom just over ten years after making the entire world and their mum’s cut shapes to ‘Yeah!’. The promotion would be bad enough even if it weren’t for the fact that the song in question – ‘Clueless’, allegedly isn’t even downloadable via the aforementioned promotion. More of a let down than soggy cereal.

Lady Gaga x Surgeon

@ladystarlightny and a Surgeon are on stage! #realDjs #playlive THIS SHIT IS SO INCREDIBLE

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Surgeon – yes that’s British Techno icon Surgeon, opened up for Lady Gaga. That is all.

The Black Madonna speaks to RBMA

the black madonna

A pivotal figure in American underground dance music for over 20 years, Marea Stamper aka. The Black Madonna is a genuine unsung hero of the scene. Now managing Chicago’s influential Smart Bar venue she’s also a DJ of high repute who’s got the respect of many of her more talked about peers. On this insightful chat with RBMA she tells her story all the way from being a teenager living in Ohio to becoming one of authentic club culture’s strongest ambassadors.