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Friday Fives: PC Music, Chuckle Skank Out, DJ Bone And More…

As much as we’d like to pretend otherwise, there are other websites out there on the world wide web. Occasionally on said websites there’s content that we wish we’d run ourselves – stuff that’s so good we’re compelled to tell you about it. Here with the first of a new weekly round up of our favourite pieces of content from the last seven days, we have the lowdown on the most marmite musical movement of the year, a tour through a fantastical land and one of the most unlikely collaborations we’ve ever seen…

‘PC Music’s Twisted Electronic Pop: A User’s Manual’ by Philip Sherburne

QT PC Music

When I was a young lad, my mental image of the future usually involved some combination of flying cars and laser guns, somewhat like a quasi-dystopic blend of Bladerunner and Robocop. Rather disappointingly it seems the future that we now live in merely consists of watch-phones, endless series of Celebrity Big Brother and music that sounds like an unsettlingly upbeat poptpourri of K-Pop, Happy Hardcore and Carly Rae Jepsen. The latter descriptor of course refers to PC Music – the label cum collective responsible for the most polarising sounds to come out in recent memory. Writing for Pitchfork, American journalist Philip Sherburne takes a balanced and generally rather sympathetic look at the sound and its key players, going on to commend it’s “playful spirit”, and “kaleidoscopic near futurism”. Sherburne does an excellent job of peeling back the cacophany of hype surrounding the ‘genre’ and profiles key players such as SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond and QT, making for a good – if slightly long, read. The music may mostly sound to these ears like a joke I don’t quite understand, but its undeniable after reading this that PC Music is here to stay.

DJ Bone: Sometimes I Like To Bang It!

Arriving with one of our favourite mix titles year is the above selection from Detroit’s criminally underrated DJ Bone. Its unsurprisingly a pretty heavy session – although its not without its lighter moments, notably a tasteful detour into Derrick May’s ‘Strings of Life’. What really impresses though is the mixing, with Bone’s famed three deck style on show throughout as he chops and changes his way through a rapid fire array of Techno and House. A perfect appetite whetter for his appearance with the Hessle Audio crew at Fabric tonight

Chuckle Skank Out

We’ve watched this video approximately thirty times since it popped up last night and we suspect we’ll watch it at least thirty more before today is finished. Even in the zaniest corners of our imaginations we can’t possibly fathom for what possible reason Barry and Paul Chuckle would be in a recording studio with Tinchy and his former Ruff Sqwad colleagues – but as with many beautiful things in life its probably best not to question it.

Diggin’ In The Carts

Red Bull Music Academys’s latest video series goes by the name of Diggin’ In The Carts which sees them head to Japan to explore the fantastical world of video game music and the elusive composers responsible for some of the worlds most well-known melodies. The six part series features shines a light on an array of influential musicians, travelling from the 8-bit era through to the modern day.

This week Episode 3 was released, making the jump from 8-bit to 16-bit consoles, where these electronic dreamscapes broadened massively, both graphically and sonically (check this stunning piece by Hayato Matsuo lifted from Master of Monsters featured in the episode). This instalment prys into the sonic origins of some of our favourite character’s themes, offering insightful accounts of how those spell-binding compositions influenced some of the liveliest minds in the electronic music world – stream above to see Ikonika, Flying Lotus, Groundislava, Thundercat and more pay testament to their favourite Street Fighter 2 memories and much more.

Turbo Island: Model 500 T-Shirt

turbo back

You may have already come into contact with Turbo Island via the interview we published with it’s founder Christopher Wright a couple of months back – today Wright revealed his latest t-shirt masterpiece. The Model 500 epitomises his cheeky, oddball mash-up style, seamlessly blending the UK manufacturer of plastic model toy army stuff with ‘The Initiator’ of Detroit Techno, Mr Juan Atkins and his beloved Cybotron synth. As long time fans of Wright’s it’s great to see his work grow in popularity with each release. To get your hands on this or anything else Turbo Island related, head HERE.