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Friday Fives: Dizzee’s Killing Spree, Four Tet’s Dubs And Snoop’s Painting

On a very frightful Friday today, we’ve got special slasher vids, dubious forays into art, free music, fresh forthcoming beats and some very good stories. Very much treat over trick here.

Dizzee’s Spooky Video

dizzee scary 2

Dizzee Rascal hinted at a return to his roots on the recent Grime special for MistaJam’s 1Xtra and is now seemingly pleased to be taking a break from Pop stardom and getting a feel for the bars that launched his profile circa 2000. For this year’s Halloween Noisey are exclusively hosting a new video from Dizzee titled ‘Couple of Stacks‘, a savage (yet equally hilarious) homeage to “Halloween, Hammer horror and slasher flicks.”

Raskit bursts into the first verse with, “Kill you and kill everything you stand for, cause you’re a bitch and a manwhore. I’ll settle the score and more, I back my own beef I dont care about a gang war…” All the time slitting throats and chopping heads as he deploys bar after bar of razor sharp gore – lets hope this marks out the final straw for ‘Bonkers’ era Dizzee.

‘Couple of Stacks’ is produced by Newham General Footsie and the briliant video was directed by Emile Sornin and produced by DIVISION.

Snoop Dogg Gets Creative

snoop dogg happy socks

So much ‘why’ about this video. Why is Snoop Dogg topless? Why is he painting? Why does he need three assistants? Why is he promoting a brand of arty farty Swedish socks? The answer as with most things in this consumer driven age is most likely ‘money’, although rather than getting caught up in some kind of head spinning existentialist quandry its probably best just to appreciate this slice of absurdity at face value.

Slackk’s Loose Ends

After dropping his excellent debut – ‘Palm Tree Fire‘ last month, Liverpudlian Grime producer Slackk is evidently in a productive mood. This week he uploaded eleven tracks to his Bandcamp packaged up under the title ‘Loose Ends’ and gave them away for free download. There are tickling track titles (‘Spanish Holiday When You Were Little’), sombre Eski-Indie (his remix of Daughter’s ‘Smother’) and choppy RnG cuts under his Prince Lazio alias, but for our money the pick of tmehe bunch is ‘Crow Hill’ – a sonorous and sullen drudge of arepggiated sub-low. Proof – if it were needed, that the new school have got creativity to burn.

Four Tet drops dubs and classics on Rinse

Kieran Hebden made an announcement on Twitter last night in revealing that he would be issuing Anthony Naples’ debut LP on his own Text Records label in and around early February of next year. After that bombshell was dropped, he went on the airwaves over at Rinse FM and premiered one of the tracks alongside forthcoming material from Boddika & Joy Orbison, new stuff from Dorian Concept, old stuff from Madlib and some Bollywood bangers. Stream the session in it’s entirety above…

?uestlove and George Clinton in conversation

Organised in conjunction with the release of a new memoir, ‘Brothas Be Like, Yo George Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?‘, this conversation at Harlem’s Schlomburg Centre between Roots drummer ?uestlove and Parliament/Funkadelic bandleader George Clinton is comprised pretty much entirely of mind boggling interesting, funny and profound anecdotes. First speaking with the editor of his memoir Ben Greenman, Clinton and ?uestlove then continue the conversation – covering his storied career and music in general in great and often hilarious detail.  One of the most influential figures in contemporary music, George Clinton is also an immensely interesting human being who has lived through a lot – and now four years sober he’s come out the other side to tell his tale. An essential watch.