Friday Fives: Bruce, Studio Ghibli and Jungle Wars…

This week when we weren’t updating our Fantasy Football squads or wrapping our heads around the mind muddling brilliance of ‘Syro’, we found time to check out a fair few other things on the internet. Here with the pick of the bunch, we have misfiring Hip-Hop quiz contestants, Junglist warfare and a welcome reunion…

Pay As U Go Cartel Reunion

It was assumed that Rinse FM’s 20th birthday celebrations would bring a fair amount of surprises and treats, although Slimzee’s announcement last night well and truly took the biscuit. The veteran selector revealed via Facebook that as part of the station’s week dedicated to Grime he’ll be resuming his old Super Sunday slot as a one off to reunite his legendary Pay As U Go Cartel crew. The group, who enjoyed shock chart success with ‘Champagne Dance’ back in 2002, were comprised of Slimzee, Maxwell D, DJ Target, Major Ace, Plague, Rinse FM founder Geeneus, Flowdan, God’s Gift, Riko Dan,Wiley and others.

Although the chances of getting the notoriously elusive Wiley on the air come 3pm Sunday are likely minimal, this reunion will still constitute the first time the crew have been together in over ten years – making this the chance to catch a slice of Grime history in action. Fans can either catch them live at the Rinse pop up shop just off Brick Lane – or they can listen to them on 106.8FM around town or online throughout the country and the rest of the world. Now just, ‘DON’T MAKE ME GET SEEERIOUSSS…’

The Music of Studio Ghibli

studio ghibli 2

Responsible for 2002’s Oscar winning classic ‘Spirited Away’, anime stable Studio Ghibli is one of modern Japan’s most beloved institutions. News this year that the studio was to close shortly was ultimately misplaced (they are instead merely restructuring), although the outpouring of grief and indignation that greeted this rumor is testament to the affinity many place on Studio Ghibli and its peerless body of work. Whilst the majority of praise directed at the films tends to focus on their storytelling, illustration and thematic resonance, there is one oft overlooked component that deserves more attention: the music.

Writing for The Line of Best Fit, Jason Williamson briefly explores the compositional decisions made by Ghibli’s Joe Hisaishi (born Mamoru Fujisawa) from 1986’s ‘Castle In The Sky’ up until last year’s ‘The Wind Rises’. Williamson talks of how Hisaishi, “leans heavily on the works of early 20th-century composers such as Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Holst…Debussy and Chopin”, but also works ground the films’ “..historical and geographic influences”. A short but well informed article, it nicely shines a spotlight on an important complimentary element of this treasured studio.

Electronic Explorations – 337 – Bruce

Stepping up to the plate for Houndstooth owner Rob Booth’s always excellent Electronic Explorations podcast series this week was Hessle Audio new boy Bruce. With a cracking 12″ of sweaty and funky Techno mutations due out on Livity Sound’s inversely named Dnuos Ytivil sub label at the start of next week, Bruce has rapidly shot up to the top on our list of favourite mononymous DJ’s (alongside Joe obviously) – with this mix only adding to our burgeoning love.

Reportedly recorded in the midst of summer under the influence of, “plenty of Puttanesca and Peroni”, this is a steamy session of sleazy House and Techno that goes down a treat. Predictably there’s a smattering of material from the likes of Livity label mates Hodge and Pev, as well as himself, but Bruce also nicely interweaves some curve balls from Groove Chronicles and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Jungle Wars

If you like Jungle and have been on the Internet that past week or two you may have noticed there’s a producer war going on. Initially declared by Kiwi producer Epoch and Keysound team member Etch, the fighting has since intensified with the likes of Gantz, Sully, Om Unit, Khan, Fanu and more all spraying rounds and sending for the next batch of producers. As Etch commented online, “Jus remember, an alien from New Zealand and an unemployed kid from Brighton started this when Photek makes Ni Tenchi pt.2 send for Dillinja.”

For those who have been struggling to keep up with the action a Tumblr user has compiled everything in the handy Soundcloud playlist above…

Hip-Hop Mastermind 

hip hop mastermind

Without ruining the eventual result of this special edition of the long running BBC quiz programme, it can safely be said that the majority of the contestants won’t be re-watching this in a hurry. Lethal Bizzle, DJ Target, A Dot and Semtext put their knowledge (or lack thereof as it turned out for some) to the test, as they were grilled in the iconic black leather chair by John Humphrys – who spent the majority of the programme grappling with a series of names he had never heard in his life. Bizzle’s main triumph came in convincing Humphrys to join him in a rendition of the Rari Work Out – although he lost serious cred for forgetting that Wu Tang’s debut single was ‘Protect Ya Neck’…