Flow State: Guido

Following news of the launch of his own records label, the intriguingly named State of Joy Recordings, Bristol dubstep and bass figure Guido returns to the scene after months locked up in the studio.

Having created one of the sheer stand out albums of 2010 (the all conquering orchestral grime long player ‘Anidea’), the young producer and DJ returned earlier this month with a blazing 2 track release ‘Micro X’ / ‘Vessel Dogs’ opening the State of Joy release schedule, whilst he also gave away a free 3 track EP with fellow low-end producer Boabinga.

Ahead of the launch of his new live show in Madrid in March, we sent a few quick emails across to get the low down on the new label, what to expect from the live set up, and more…

Hello Guido. For those that don’t know, can you talk us through your route into music, who and what initially got you into music?
A mixture of things. I loved playing the piano/keyboard and started using music production programs around the time I was at secondary school. Some years later my first release came out on Peverelist’s Punch Drunk, followed by another single and an album…

Who are some of the artists who have influenced you, in and out of electronic music. Which records do you never tire of?
To name a few off the top of my head… EST – ‘From Gagarins Point of View’, Nujabes – ‘Iyawo’ and Fela Kuti – ‘Water No Get Enemy’

What compelled you to start your own label and what’s its focus?
I wanted my own route to releasing music. The focus is pretty simple to put out music that represents the natural state – Joy. It doesn’t mean it has to sound joyful, just that it is coming from that state. You could call it the flow state where you are totally immersed with what you are doing.

Can you give us any more details on the the live show your working on?
Yes. We will be playing fresh material, including forthcoming releases for the label, as well as tunes from Anidea’ and earlier singles…

Guido – ‘Micro X’ / ‘Vessel Dogs’ [clips]

Any idea when you will be revealing the show to the world?
Our first performance will be at the ECO Festival in Madrid, Spain.

Do you feel a performance needs more than just a laptop and a copy of Ableton to be classed as ‘live’?
‘Live’ implies live, so I do feel in order for a performance to be live as many elements as possible should be played there and then. There are lots of different setups, so it really just depends how you do it.

We’re huge fans of ‘Anidea’, have you put any thought into another album?
Thank you. I have been mainly focusing on the label, future singles and the live show, so not at this present time.

‘Micro X’ / ‘Vessel Dogs’ is available via State of Joy now – purchase in MP3 or vinyl format here.