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First Listen: GROVESTREET – ‘Structures’ Remixes (Tight Knit Records)

Four glimpses at the future of the dancefloor.

Some may consider it a bold move to release a remix EP of a producer’s debut release, but in the case of GROVESTREET‘s ‘Structures‘, it was more of an obvious step. A furious collection of restlessly varied hybrids, the Oxford producer’s bow was unsurprisingly the toast of perenially future hungry selectors such as Mumdance and Bok Bok – such was its striking originality. Flipping their sophmore release to serve as the source material for their third, the Tight Knit Records crew have curated a finely chosen package that delves deeper into the border blurring, post-genre domain of GROVESTREET’s originals.

The first offering of the quartet – all of which you can listen to in full below, finds Gobstopper and Different Circles affiliate Strict Face on fine form.  Betraying the influences of both those labels, he reworks ‘Altars‘ into a zero gravity masterpiece of melancohlic minor chords and sullen bass tones. Janus and P.AN’s M.E.S.H. then returns the favour after GROVESTREET’s reworking of his dystopic club bomb ‘Scythians’, by submerging the ferociously moving metallic pistons at work in ‘Ground Zero‘ underneath a faint film of haze.

‘Ground Zero’ is then plunged straight into the Ballroom, as New York based Qween Beat member Byrell The Great unleashes a frantic assault of clipped drum breaks and lazer stabs that demand breakneck vogueing. Tight Knit co-owners Morcee and 199? similarly go straight for the jugular with their juddering version of ‘Intrusions‘, combining gasps with shuddering subs and claps to round off the collection. A collision of disparate styles, the ‘Structures’ remixes hint at a road map for where the new generation of floor killers are headed.

The ‘Structures’ Remixes are available now exclusively here on Boomkat, before later arriving on Tight Knit’s Bandcamp 6th April.