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First Listen: Tripeo – ‘Anipintiros #5(Ben Sims Remix)’ (Tripeo)

Hear one of Techno’s finest ambassadors on typically ferocious form. 

Released last April, ‘Anipintiros’ was the debut album from Dutch producer Darko Esser under his Tripeo guise. The moniker served as a platform for uncompromising pared down Techno, with each track merely bearing the title of the record and a number. Across the record’s 8 tracks Darko wove a heady mesh of polyrhytms and sci-fi synths to devastating effect, with the end result being one of the finest Techno LP’s of the year.

To begin 2015, an all star cast of remixers have been handed free rein over ‘Anipintiros’. Blueprint boss James Ruskin, American producer Mike Parker, kick drum fanatic Blawan, experienced Spanish duo Exium and the mysterious Cadans have all supplied reworks, as well as big room destroyer Ben Sims – who’s version of ‘Anipintiros #5′ is available to stream exclusively below. Built on a fearsome overdriven groove, Sims’ rework keeps the Acid bubbling just below the surface for a cut that’s primed to do damage in darkened rooms at peak time.

Anipintiros Remixes Pt.1′ and ‘Pt.2’ are released 26th January via Tripeo. You can pre-order them here.