First Listen: Om Unit – ‘Parallel’ (Metalheadz)

Check out a cut from the producer’s mini album for Drum and Bass’ most prestigious label.

Few people have pushed the boundaries of breakbeat driven music further than Jim Coles in recent years. Formerly a Hip-Hop DJ and producer 2Tall, Coles shook off this alias around the turn of the last decade and began growing into his current incarnation as Om Unit. During this time he adopted briefly adopted another guise as Phillip D Kick, going on to use that moniker to cross-pollinate Chicago Footwork with Jungle – in doing helping to develop the so-called ‘slowfast’ style that has since become his calling card. A fan of DnB since his youth, Coles was delighted when his work at higher tempos was eventually recognised by none other than Goldie – who enlisted him to drop last year’s ‘Sleepwalkers’ three  tracker on his iconic Metalheadz imprint.

After that EP and an appearance on the label’s ‘Platinum Breaks 4’ compilation is now followed a year later by ‘Inversion’ an 8 Track mini album that finds Coles straddling all of the tropes of modern Drum and Bass that he himself has helped push, whilst giving a healthy nod to the genre’s traditions as defined by ‘Headz. Coles – who was allowed to dip into Goldie’s personal collection of mid-90’s DAT’s for the record, says he’s, “..truly blessed to be able to put this project together and to be welcomed into the fold so readily”. Before ‘Inversion’ drops next Monday, we’ve got ‘Parallel’ for you to listen to in full below. A sullen helicopter break driven stepper, it comes heavy with all the oomph of classic Headz thanks to stabs of scuzzily distorted Reese bassline that gut punch from the low end.

You can pre-order ‘Inversion’ here, before its released next Monday 17th November