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First Listen: Kris Wadsworth – ‘Popularity’ (Hypercolour)

Stream clips of Kris Wadsworth’s ‘Popularity’ LP ahead of its Hypercolour release.

Boasting an impressive discography that includes an album on Get Physical, a string of highly sought-after, self-released ‘Uranus’ singles, collaboration with Mark Broom, and tracks on Hypercolour dating back to 2008, this second LP comes with lofty expectations.

‘Popularity’ lives up to the hype, exploring tongue-in-cheek sounds with impressive flair and a sense of humour that is rare in dance music. Most blatantly in the ‘Hypercolour Theme’, a flamboyant slice of sampled house that finds Wadsworth at his most inimitable (see the equally quirky video here). Deep and funky basslines continue to colour most of first half, before the record’s latter part twists and turns through dark Techno and ugly 303 lines. The last track, ‘Common Knowledge’, is a jungle tearout that flips the ingrained 4×4 on his head to startling effect.

Available to buy on vinyl from February 10 and digitally from March 10, pre order here.