First Listen: Kid Smpl – ‘Blade’ [Utah? Remix] (Symbols)

Kid Smpl is Joey Butler, a Seattle producer whose sound is heavily based in UK rave culture, but draws on everything from Japanese video game music to dancehall and R&B.

Last year he released two EPs for L.A. imprint Symbols – Response/Ascend and Precinct. Now, Symbols (run by Kastle) are bringing us Kid Smpl Remixed, a collection of remixes of tracks from both EPs. We’re happy to be premiering the Utah? remix of ‘Blade’.

Sheffield producer Utah? is no stranger to Symbols, having released the Oxygen EP with them last year. His music injects melodic grime with a dash of rave – specifically the bassline/garage that he grew up on. He’s also got a new EP for Symbols coming later this year, so you should probably watch out for that.

While the original ‘Blade’ is a twisted club take on widescreen R&B, barely a minute and a half long, Utah?’s remix turns this fragment into a full track, somewhere between Mssingno and the glossier end of the Boxed sound. Vocal clips hang in the air like frozen echoes, while the whole thing is underpinned by a spiky bed of sub bass stalagmites. Listen to it below, and also check out Kid Smpl’s YouTube Sessions from last year.

Kid Smpl Remixed is out March 25 on Symbols.


01 Blade (Utah? Remix)

02 Focus Ribbon (Eaves Remix)

03 Barrier (SHALT Remix)

04 Ender (y y y Remix)