First Listen: Kab Driver – ‘Reach’ EP (WotNot)

We’ve got an exclusive first stream of the new EP from Belfast’s Kab Driver. 

Due out next Monday 3rd March, the four tracks on ‘Reach’  delve into the loose ‘broken beat’ sound popularized in the late 90’s to create some lush grooves. It should come as no surprise that Kab Driver, who runs the RESET label, should display a ‘broken beat’ influence in his records given the fact he is friends with recent Eglo signee and Bugz In The Attic member Kaidi Tatham, a man who helped break the genre.

The title track melds Deep House styled chord progressions and melodic interplay with a vibrant, bouncing rhythm that refuses to stay set in stone. With joyous keyboard lines fizzing out from under the surface as the track approaches its final third, this could well earn a place in a few of the more ambitious beach or pool side DJ sets this summer. ‘Stopped and Searched’ is rhythmically similar, deploying vocal effects that recall Daft Punk or Chromeo just beneath the surface of the mix. ‘Pre-Emphasis’ meanwhile jolts around in a blissful haze of garage flavoured vocal cut ups, drifting pads and a subtle but catchy lead line. Rounding off the EP is ‘Yelfim Pintch’, which pitches down some of the effervescent jig of the previous three tracks in favour of a mellower sunset ambience. A low groove worms around throughout, pads wash over and what sounds not unlike a Mellotron noodles away beautifully.

‘Reach’ is out next Monday 3rd March on WotNot. You can listen to it below.