First Listen: The Black Dog ‘Hollow Stories Hollow Head’ (GoldFFinch Remix)

The Black Dog is a name that is synonymous with the emergence of electronic music within the UK, but you already knew that right? Founded by Ken Downie with Ed Handley and Andy Turner, the group debuted with a string of inventive 12″s before signing to Warp Records with the ‘Bytes’ LP in 1993. Along with the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, they are pioneers of a sound we now know as IDM – post-Rave experiments that drew from Detroit Techno and mashed it with their own far-flung influences, smearing the boundaries of UK Techno. Their classic material ‘Parallel’, ‘Bytes’ and ‘Spanners’ created a brand new playing field within electronic music. 

Moving the clock forward to October 2015 and the latest The Black Dog record ‘Very Extended Play EP’ is about to be released. A collection of remixed tracks from their recent album ‘Neither/Neither’, an LP that formed part of a conceptual series about surveillance that began with 2008s ‘Radio Scarecrow’ and 2009s ‘Further Vexations’.

We have the exclusive on Techno duo GoldFFinch’s reinterpretation of ‘Hollow Stories Hollow Head’, the penultimate track from ‘Neither/Neither’. The Belgian pair flesh out the melodic elements of the immense original, carving it to fit in their more refined framework – thick layers of strings, swathes on gnarling synths and bouncing four-to-the-floor drums.

‘Very Extended Play EP’ will be released on 23rd October. Pre-order here. 

Featured image: Shaun Bloodworth