First Listen: Etch – ‘Untitled Hardcore #3’ (Sneaker Social Club)

Etch is back with a rolling four tracker on Sneaker Social Club.

Etch is Brighton-based Zak Brashill, a producer operating at the weightier end of the club spectrum with previous releases on Facta and K-Lone’s Wisdom Teeth label, Parris’ Soundman Chronicles and Dusk + Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings. Integrating varying components of the hardcore continuum in his productions, Etch touches upon the fringes of grime, hardcore and dubstep, but with particular focus in recent years on working an effective break. It’s in fact this gravitation towards early jungle that stands out in his work, but in a manner that is neither hackneyed nor dewy-eyed.

His latest offering, the Untitled Hardcore EP, which lands April 29 on Bristol label Sneaker Social Club, keeps up his consistent output with a collection of club-ready rollers that hit you head on. ‘Untitled Hardcore #3’, which we’re premiering today, is a certain highlight of the four tracker, driving forward with scattered snares, stop-start breaks and spectral vocal wails that drift in and out of reach. Fans of Etch’s past work will not be disappointed. Have a listen below and also be sure to check out his excellent Hyp mix from 2013.

Etch’s Untitled Hardcore EP is out April 29 on Sneaker Social Club. Pre-order it here.