First Listen: Caski – ‘Structures’ (Four Seasons)

Caski has been enjoying something of a period of gestation in his adopted hometown of Bristol since making the move around three years ago and retreating from the 140bpm templates in which he first made a name for himself.

2014’s emf:004 for Indigo’s Electro Magnetic Fields imprint offered a glimpse at the fruits of the producer’s sonic maturation: a stripped back handful of mould-busting beats littered with pitch-bent vocal samples.

Continuing in the same percussive vein as Four Seasons’ inaugural release from Callahan (AKA Pasteman), Caski’s Structures EP is a groove-stuffed romp that blends industrial strength kicks and claps with field recording snippets and shuffling hats to create a moody, eyes-down three track batch that somehow remains utterly danceable.

All of dubstep’s minimalist hallmarks are still here – and the sub-bass too – but rhythmically there are elements of techno, dancehall and grime all battling for the steering wheel.

In fact, in throwing out all notions of singular genre category compliance this record probably has more in common with the original dubstep movement than an idle first listen might suggest. And it’s arguably this that makes it so appealing.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the title track below, and pick up the rest of the Structures EP – available on 12” and in all the usual digital formats – from February 8th.

Words: Will Pritchard (@Hedmuk)