First Listen: Borusiade – ‘Dancer’s Doom’ (Cómeme)

Borusiade is the producer name of Berlin-based Bucharest native Miruna Boruzescu. Jeopardy, her debut EP, is out Jan 29 on Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label.

If you’ve ever tuned in to the label’s own Radio Cómeme, you may already know Borusiade from her Dreamcatcher show. Or you may have heard her ace guest mix for Ben UFO’s Rinse show last year. Either way, Jeopardy is an excellent introduction to a new producer who’s already been DJing for ten years. There’s not a weak track among these five slices of dark, insistent, almost claustrophobic house/techno.

The last cut on the 12″ is ‘Dancer’s Doom’, which you can stream below ahead of release January 29. All giddy synth arpeggios and sizzling drums, it closes out the release in style. The overall effect is pretty disorienting, with occasional gasps of air of before plunging you back down into the soupy maelstrom. Listen below:

Jeopardy is out January 29 on Cómeme, pre-order here.