tempa allstars

First Listen: Batu – ‘Ghosted’ (Tempa Allstars Vol. 7)

Brace yourself – here’s an exclusive preview of Batu’s thumping contribution to the new Tempa Allstars release.

Since its inaugural release in 2003, the series has documented Dubstep’s progression from its shady UK Garage origins until present. If you need to brush up your knowledge on the chapters of Dubstep’s history, then look no further. From the half-time leaning Garage on DJ Abstract’s ‘Touch‘ that starts Vol. 1, to the entirely spaced out ‘Truly Dread‘ by Loefah on Vol. 2. On Vol. 3, the wobbles on Headhunter’s ‘Sleepwalker‘ inspired an international race to produce the most obnoxious bassline. The series continued to showcase those testing the genre’s boundaries, and as the ambiguous Post-Dubstep sounds developed, artists like SBTRKT received inclusions with ‘Sleep in Tokyo‘ on the previous release in 2010. Many of the artists involved in the series now sit high up on the Dubstep wall-of-fame; Digital Mystikz, Benga, Skream, El-B and Pinch to name just a few.

Now, after a four year hiatus, ‘Tempa Allstars’ has returned with its 7th instalment. It showcases six new tracks crossing tempo boundaries, created by producers that are ‘bound by a shared atmosphere: deeply rooted and sub-heavy, yet still infused with burning rave energy’. InnasoundAxH and Perverse‘s offerings sit within more familiar Tempa territory, with three dubbed out dungeon tracks. However, it is the inclusion of music from BatuWen and Alex Coulton that marks a particularly progressive moment in the series. These are faces from a new breed of producers that are mutating Dubstep once again, taking aesthetic ideas from the genre’s foundations, slowing them down and mixing them with touches of house and techno. Up-coming Livity Sound associate Batu (who recorded our Hyp 163 mix earlier this year) drags things all the way down to 120BPM on the stomping ‘Ghosted’, one of the EP’s highlights. You can listen to the track in its entirety on our exclusive stream below.

Amidst all the ‘Dubstep is dead’ chanting and Beatport’s incriminating sales stats, the return of ‘Tempa Allstars’ is more welcome than ever. As long as the series continues, Dubstep is alive and kicking.

‘Tempa Allstars Vov. 7’ is out 22nd September. You can pre-order the vinyl via Redeye and digital via iTunes