Exclusive Stream: Durrty Goodz

Durrty Goodz, one of grimes finest mc’s, returns to the fray this May with the release of his latest album ‘Overall’.

Having been involved with grime since its inception, Goodz’s place in the scene may be as more of an outsider, yet this hasn’t stopped him from continually delivering the (ahem) goods, as he showed to startling affect on his 2007 comeback release ‘Axiom’.

New album ‘Overall’ sees him return to form, as he recruits some production talent from the likes of Scratcha DVA, Cinematic, Stenchman and Dutchpot, to concoct an album of what he calls ‘stadium grime’. We have an exclusive album track, ‘Wots My Name’, to stream below, plus we sent off a few random questions to the ‘mc’s mc’, which he rapidly returned to us, complete with readymade sound bites like “I’m going where there is no path to leave a trail”. The man’s a legend.

Durrty Goodz – ‘Wots My Name’ by Hyponik

1. So ‘Overall’ is set to be released in May 2011, how’s the process been and how does this
album differ to your previous releases?

Last release was in 09′ and every second I’m growing as an artist – the difference is I’ve spent more money this time with mastering and marketing other than that I’m still just doing me.

2. What other producers worked on the album?
Cinematic, Stenchman, and DVA – proper one away UK music.

3. The current trend of grime-to-pop crossover has seen many artists conquer the UK charts. Are you hoping to follow some of your peers with this release?
I’m not going to follow no ones path’ I’m going where there is no path to leave a trail.

4. Which artists for you are currently pushing the boundaries of grime and moving it onto new areas?
I don’t know but I work with So Street from Hackney – they’re the sickest youth mc’s in uk right now – Scarz, Armzout and Frenzy.

5. So what we thought were numerous KRS-one samples on ‘Born Blessed’ actually turned out to be exclusive recordings for your mixtape. – does he feature on any other tracks?
He features on the whole album – it’s a whole lot more than a track.

‘Overall’ is released through Inapeace on May 9th.