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Exclusive Stream: Chris Finke ’10 Years of Motech’ Promo Mix

For those yet to discover UK producer, DJ and promoter Chris Finke, the man has been a fixture on the techno circuit for a number of years, being responsible for some of the UK’s finest techno parties, not to mention curating the now seminal Flux Recordings label throughout the last decade.

From his time spent hearing the developing sounds of his beloved genre first hand during the UK rave period, through to the Flux parties (and then label), highly highly technical DJ sets, his productions with Ben Sims and Andi Hawes as Split, his role as resident at the UK’s techno institution Atomic Jam and his current role as one of the Ministry of Sound’s DJ tutors in both their UK and European academies, what Chris Finke doesn’t know about the current techno scene probably isn’t worth much.

With his appearance in fabric’s Room 2 this weekend for Detroit label Motech’s 10th anniversary, Chris was kind enough to put together an exclusive mix for Hyponik. Consisting of 40 tracks from acts old and new, including James Blake, Randomer, Mark Broom, Xhin, Suburban Knight, Brendan Moeller and more, all delivered in his smooth, highly technical style. You can download the full mix on the player below, and below that, we have a quick Q&A to get to grips with his current role as one of the UK’s unsung techno heroes.

Hi Chris, how did you enjoy your last Fabric date back in 2010?
Yeah it was really cool, definitely the most fun i’ve had playing at Fabric – I ended up playing a long set and the feeling from the crowd was wicked, we had a really good vibe going in room 2! As a DJ it’s good when its like that as you can play around with them more and “work it” as I believe the expression goes.

What’s been happening since?
Gig wise things are good, i’ve been to Japan a couple of times since then, the US, lots in Europe and some really good UK gigs as well so I cant complain at all. I’ve been spending a lot more time on music and just moved into a new studio in January which is proving really really productive so i’m really happy with the way its going. I’m also doing some DJ tutoring, both privately and at the Ministry of Sound both at the club in London and in Europe which is fun. I’ve also just signed to the Elastic Artists agency as well so looking forward to see what that’ll bring.

It was recently your last ever Atomic Jam party at The Q club! How was the night?
It was mental in there, absolutely amazing. 3000+ people in that incredible hall going off well past 7am. One of the guests, Marcel Fengler told me it was one of the best parties he has ever been to. I actually played twice, and had the privilege to play the final set not only of the night, but also the final set ever in that place. I dropped a classics set which I’ve never done there before but it seemed appropriate. The Que Club and Atomic Jam together have had a huge influence on so many people and UK techno as a whole! Long before Berghain there was the Que Club and its such a shame that its closed its doors.

Do you have any plans to take Atomic Jam to a new venue?
Definitely, things are in the pipeline with that and also for an Atomic Jam tour so we are pretty excited about the future of the nations favourite…

Where are you at technologically – you’ve been doing a spot of high profile tutoring correct?
Yes, I appeared on The Gadget Show teaching the presenter Ortis how to DJ from a total beginner to playing at set at the club. He learned on CDJs at first and the gadget they featured was the Traktor Kontrol S4. He did really well and put a lot of time and effort in to it. I actually use the S4 to DJ with now – its the most fun i’ve had DJing in years. Technically i’ve got nothing to prove, so using that opens up so many other possibilities and makes it more of a live performance.

What can we expect from you release wise?
I’m pleased to say my first release on Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver is out in May which is going to be wicked. I’ve also finished remixes for Mark Broom, Orlando Voorn, DJ3000, A Trebor (Hidden Recs) and Knobs (Nachstrom Schallplatten), all out in the next couple of months. I’ve also got EP’s coming soon on labels including Hidden Records and London’s own Ear To Ground – so lots to look forward to.

What ‘s your view on the state of things in techno music at the minute?
It’s a great time for music in general at the moment. Techno is going through a very up and down period – some amazing “future classic” stuff around, and at the same time so much monotonous dull stuff as well. I really cant get into that stuff so i’m looking elsewhere to fill the gaps. Some of the best techno isn’t even techno if that makes any sense, so i’m dropping loads of UK Bass stuff in my sets and its killing it. Techno takes it self far too seriously sometimes and thats not really what i’m about.

Can you introduce your promo mix for us? How did you go about putting it together?
I wanted to do a mix that is 100% where I am musically right now. Its a mix up of techno and UK Bass style stuff. Its pretty full on and intense in places and is really fun in others, lots of ups and downs and multi layering of tracks over 4 decks. It’s by far and away the best studio mix i’ve done for years so I’m looking forward to hearing what people think!

Catch Chris playing alongside Ken Ishii, DJ3000 and Aril Brihka this Saturday at fabric. For tickets and more information click here.

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