Exclusive Download: Swindle Live At Butterz vs. Hardrive

Having featured Butterz man and one of modern grime’s most unique talents Swindle on these pages for a while now, we’re pretty pleased to have an exclusive download of the mans recent set from the Butterz vs. Hardrive show at Cable last weekend (March 24).

Having broken through with his huge ‘Mood Swings’ early last year on Elijah and Skilliam’s always-on-point Butterz imprint, the London talent has gone on to conquer the underground with a string of remixes and tracks featuring his hugely identifiable, boogie-ridden instrumental sound, not to mention working with artists like Newham General’s legend Footsie and more recently, Antisocial Entertainment and Deep Medi dubstep don Silkie.

With the release of Swindle & Silkie’s absolutely huge ‘Unlimited’ / ‘Pineapple’ this week, not only do we have the exclusive mix from the man himself for download on the player below (featuring the toasting talents of G Double, ‘Mood Swings VIP’, the Silkie collab and his forthcoming track with Sam Frank), but we emailed the young producer, where he tells us about a possible live project, and why Butterz are like the Ninja Turtles…

Things definitely seem to be kicking off for you recently – tell us how life has changed for you in the past 18 months?
Life’s pretty much the same! I still wake up everyday and make music, listen to music then go bed and can’t sleep for thinking about music! I’m finding myself having a lot less time to fill though, lots of meetings, bookings and other adventures of late.

How does it feel to be part of the Butterz crew – there’s a decent number of like-minded artists together now…
Feels like being a ninja turtle. It is inspiring to be around all these positive people doing similar music, inspired by different things all pushing up the levels. Seeing Royal-T, Champion, Elijah & Skilliam and Terror all doing well makes me really proud.

How was the last Butterz party for you?
Amazing, such a great vibe! Feels like not so long ago me Elijah and Skilliam went to play parties of 20 people. We have finally started what we’ve always wanted to do! [A] very proud moment for the whole family.

What are your three all time favourite grime beats?
Danny Weed’s ‘Creeper’, Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Too Far’, Plasticman’s ‘Cha’.

Talk us through an average Swindle DJ set in the club – what is it your reaching for, and do you prefer to keep it extra hype or take people on more of a journey?
All really depends on where I am – I’ve learnt sometimes you can’t come on at 1am and start a journey when everyones ready to wile out – at the same time sometimes people need the journey to appreciate the sound! I always set out to make sure the party experience is best for the audience.

Would you consider playing some old school funk / jazz classics in a set?
Theres nothing I won’t play if the setting is right, I’ve played Zapp and Roger [Troutman] in a rave a few times!

Producing hits in the studio with live instruments like some of the greats (Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Motown), and producing as a one man outfit in 2012 are obviously different approaches to getting a desired sound or feel. What one thing do you try and incorporate from the classic soul and funk producers in your own tunes?
I always play my music as apose to drawing in with a mouse! Even if its a wacky stab or synth theres a soul in every part when its played in. It’s something that’s very difficult to fake. I think you can feel when a riff or melody has been played in and for me the funk is all about the feel!

Obviously you have a serious instrumental aspect to your productions – would you consider a live show / band?
I have been seriously considering it and its something I’m looking forward to taking to the stage.

Tell us about your next release on Butterz with Silkie?
‘Unlimited’ – I love this track (bias I know) – it’s funny because the only reason it happened is Twitter followers suggested [it] to me loads of times! Since then we’ve got this release, been working on other stuff and I’ve joined [Silkie & Quest’s superb West London dubstep label] Antisocial! More Swindle & Silkie music will be coming soon.

‘Unlimited’ / ‘Pineapple’ is available now here, and for all things Butterz, just head here.