Eluize launches Night Tide label with the dazzling Talk In Technicolour EP

Emma Sainsbury, aka Eluize, is the Berlin-based producer and vocalist who has just launched her Night Tide imprint. Kick-starting the label with her own EP, Talk In Technicolour, its tracks take the driving power of house and techno and lash it with contemplative psychedelia. Prime-time ready, but never submitting to predictable tropes, Talk In Technicolour raises the bar seriously high for Night Tide’s future releases.

For an idea of what to expect on the rest of the EP (which lands digitally tomorrow, and features remixes from Hans Berg and SETH NK) fill your boots with the kaleidoscopic serenity of the title track. Grounded by a noticeably wide-screen sonic complexity, Eluize takes music for the club and pushes it into a more tranquil setting. Surrender to ‘Talk In Technicolour’ and watch its accompanying video below.

Talk In Technicolour is out on vinyl April 29 and digital May 2. The EP release party takes place tonight in Berlin.