YouTube Sessions: Daniel Avery

Following on from announcing his status as a major league player via his acclaimed entry into the FABRICLIVE mix series canon last year, Daniel Avery is primed to take the next step with the imminent release of ‘Drone Logic’ his debut LP. Displaying the mastery of dancefloor dynamics that Avery has honed through years of incessant gigging, the album is a journey in the best sense of the word, spiraling from one artfully constructed mood and atmosphere to another in cohesive fashion. From a man who’s outspokenly embraced dance music of all persuasions during his career, the kaleidoscopic nature of his debut is unsurprising.

Ahead of the ‘Drone Logic’ release and his upcoming performance at FABRICLIVE on November 15th we caught up with Avery to let him express his tastes through the medium of YouTube clips. In return we got a classic The Fast Show moment, a timeless anthem from Oni Ayhun, bitchy wrestlers and a whole cornucopia of audio visual delights….

Iori – Moon

My good friend Casper recently put me onto this record and I can’t get enough.


It’s like they’ve all discovered this new form of music and want to see how hard they can push it before it breaks. Where do you see music performances like this on TV anymore??

The Frogs – Meet The Frogs

Absolutely engrained on my brain.


My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When ( live )

Dream drone

The Contino Rooms – Inside The Brains Of Death In Vegas ( part 1 of 2 )

I remember watching this as a young teenager and being fascinated from beginning to end. Death In Vegas do everything with style.

Oni Ayhun – Oar 003-B

As close to perfect as [electronic] music can get.

Limmy’s Show – Smart Casual


WWE Legends Of Wrestling – Heat Seekers

A group of guys I grew up watching discussing who was the biggest (real-life) twat in wrestling. Amazing.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker ( ACID Edit )

Total bosh

Perc – Start Chopping ( Tommy Four Seven Remix )

…and some more.

Stewart Lee  Meets Ted Chippington

Heroes meeting heroes. “Just because an audience didn’t like something, didn’t mean it wasn’t any good.”

Martin Hannett and Tony Wilson at Strawberry Studios in July 1980

Tony Wilson: “And how do you make it sound wonderful?”


One of my favourite records of recent times.

Fast Show – Indie Club

I don’t think I like anything more than this.

IV40/Ian Pooley – CompuRhythm ( Dixon’s 4/4 Treatment )

By far the biggest track for me all summer.

Cocksucker Blues

Don’t take drugs, kids.

Drone Logic will be released through Phantasy/Because Music on Monday 7th October 2013