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Never Rampin’: BRAiNMATH

It’s been a good couple of years since we interviewed Tom Kerridge, the man behind frontier labels Ramp Recordings, PTN, Fourth Wave and BRAiNMATH. In that time the Suffolk-based label head and DJ has seen his family of labels continue to grow in stature and content, consistently releasing high quality records from a growing number of artists including Stay+, SPiDERS, SBTRKT, Teeth, Doc Daneeka, Airhead and of course Zomby.

Kerridge’s knack for finding artists early on their careers and helping shape their unique sound is well known, as his juggling of label duties has resulted in some of the most creative output of UK electronic music over the past four years or so.

With BRAiNMATH, perhaps the most pioneering of his collection of labels, having been dormant for a while, Kerridge recently released a 9 track retrospective of the boutique imprint’s releases, spanning two years of output and including tracks from James Blake, Brackles, Roska’s Bakongo alias and more. We sent over some quick-fire questions to see what the deal is with ‘BRAiNMATH’s Vol. 1’, and found out that basically, it’s all just a reclusive emo-goth thing…

Zomby - 'Rumours & Revelations'

You’ve got an above average hit-rate when it comes to the artists that have released on Brainmath – what’s your A&R secret?
I don’t have a secret really, I just thought they were all great when I heard them, doing something a bit different. I just like working with artists who are exploring little undiscovered areas. It’s not as financially rewarding as I have no doubt their recent releases have been, but it’s really exciting for me to work with people early on in their careers. We couldn’t even give that James Blake 10″ away when we put it out, and now he is selling tens of thousands of units and playing to obscene audiences around the world.

If you really had to pick one track from the collection on BRAiNMATHs Vol. 1, what would it be?
Zomby – ‘Rumours’

Who would be your dream artist to feature on BRAiNMATH?
Maurizio. Gang Of Four if they were only allowed to use drum machines & tape delays.

Tom Kerridge vs Zomby in the ring, 10 rounds – who would win?
Depends if it’s boxing or wresting. He has me in speed and cunning, but I have him in mass and reach. Anyway, this is all a bit moot – Zomby is not of this world. He has a knowledge of the dark arts that are way beyond my comprehension. Not to say he wouldn’t get his hands dirty though, I can quite imagine him clawing my eyes out. He would enjoy that.

If your bevy of labels are like your children, what would the personality of BRAiNMATH be?
Reclusive emo goth kid who spends all of his time alone.

Untold - 'Flexible'

Would BRAiNMATH have got bullied at school?
That sounds like a question somebody who got bullied at school would ask.

What does BRAiNMATH want to be be when it grows up?
This line of questioning has gone too far.

Seriously though, what next for the label?
Doing the next series of 12’s. Nick Höppner & Kevin McPhee are first up.

‘BRAiNMATH’s Vol. 1’ is out now and available from here.