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Appeal: Shadow Child

We’re coming to the end of a breakthrough year for Shadow Child; the lead track on his Dirtybird record, ‘String Thing’, introduced his music to a global audience through regular play by the likes of Claude VonStroke and Eats Everything, and since, his own DJ sets have done the talking. The year has finished on a high with the ’23’ EP dropping on Food Music, a cross-genre banger that never fails to draw a crowd reaction.

As you’ll see below, it is mass appeal and fun music that Shadow Child is into; read some thoughts on ‘Au Seve’, techno, the resurgence of house music, and more.

Firstly, explain the name ‘Shadow Child’?

The project kind of started in the shadow of the EDM thing, which my former alias was almost a part of. Just having fun with the music really I’m no child but I feel like one again.

What were the highlights of 2012 music-wise for you? And what are you looking forward to most next year?

I was just talking about Julio Bashmore’s ‘Au Seve’ defining whats happening right now. I guess that and personally getting on a huge roll with productions and stuff. It’s been a rewarding year and great that House seems to be ‘back’.

How much did your production skill develop over the past year?

Loads, I’ve found a sound I suppose but It’s about making more accessible music that’s the key. I don’t mean cheesy or commercial, but mass appealing. Eats Everything and others are also doing this which is why underground house is really exciting again. I hope it keeps developing and people stay interested, it’s all part of how I move forward in the studio too.

Your tracks, ’23’ in particular, border house, garage, and bassline. Do you associate your music with any one of the three specifically? Why?

Yeah it’s affiliated with those things for sure, no music is 100% original, it draws from so many places and what I’m doing with this project draws from loads of places, particularly UK bass music from as far back as ’91 Hardcore.

Will we ever hear a Shadow Child techno track?

Rob da Bank said my VIP of Leviticus ‘Burial’ was Techno, when I hear that now I can hear exactly what he means. I like techno but I’ll never lock down to saying I’m one thing, so the answer is probably yes at some point!

Whose tunes have you been playing a lot recently? Can we expect something similar at Regulate on NYE?

I’m fortunate to have alot of my own stuff on rotation, but aside from that i’m really into the music on ClekClekBoom, the Bambounou record ‘Night’ is dope. also into alot of Hypercolour stuff and Jamie Jones sent me a couple of new things he’s toying with. Too many to mention!

If you were playing the 2012-2013 crossover set, which tune would you play at midnight?

‘Au Seve’ defines 2012. Either that or something classic like my VIP of Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ maybe, or I’m also a sucker for Zero B ‘Lockup’. Happy New Year!

Shadow Child plays at Regulate’s NYE event, with Swamp81, Tessela, Barely Legal, Get Some and more. Buy tickets here.