Abandon Silence: Melé

Having been building his profile over the past year since being tipped as one of FACT magazine’s ‘One to Watch’ for 2011, nineteen year old Krissy Peers, aka Liverpool’s Melé is a name that’s becoming synonymous with straight up dance fare for the Boiler Room generation.

Having released on both Sinden’s Grizzly label and also Brooklyn’s always-on-point Mixpak, the young producer is creating a nice line in unique house-inflected bass music, that looks to both the age of Dance Mania, as well as modern hip-hop, for its stylistic influence. With his tracks picked up heavyweights like Diplo, Toddla T and Annie Mac, his take on the UK bass sound garners more and more attention. About to embark on a European Tour alongside Dillon Francis and Brenmar, we caught up with the young producer to talk Dr. Dre, Liverpool nightlife and “intelligent grime bass”.

What’s been your best gig so far?
Probably playing in KOKO back in April with Diplo, Sinden, Drop The Lime, Lunice, Dillon Francis etc – I had to follow Diplo which is always going to be hard, turned out amazing though, my favourite venue too!

You were born in 1992 – a vintage year for dance music, but also a time when it was evolving quickly from out of illegal rave and warehouse parties – when did you first connect with dance music?
I probably first connected with it about ’03/’04. Funnily enough it was the ’91-’92 hardcore and some other techno that got me into it. I was always into just hip-hop and rap before that but dance music got me into everything I listen to now really, it was a pretty young age to be listening to Dave Clarke though!

Sinden – G Like Me (Melé Remix) (Clip)

Would you rather be successful now or back then?
Probably now I reckon – I think it might have been much harder back then!

Which one album release would you say soundtracked your childhood?
I’d probably say ‘2001’ by Dre, just because it was the first album I bought (in year 5) and listened to it non-stop for about a year. It’s one of them albums I still listen to now (like, every week).

Your music has been called “intelligent grime bass” – is that even a genre?
Really?! [I’m] not sure about that one. I’m not trying to make one genre to be honest, just whatever i feel like making on the day. I’m always trying to make tracks that represent what I play in my sets.

Is your hometown of Liverpool big on its intelligent grime bass? Is there anyone local we should keep an eye out for?
Theres a night called Abandon Silence which is amazing, its really bringing good DJ’s to Liverpool that wouldn’t have came here before. Last week was me and Oneman, we played back to back at the end of the night in a little sweatbox room. In terms of who to keep an eye out for, I’d say Dauwd for sure!

Melé – ‘Starlight’ EP (Mixpak)

How was your recent experience at the Boiler Room – had you been before?
Nah I’d never been before, was wicked though! I wasn’t sure if people would like me but turns out they did, [the] feedback I got was wicked.

Are you looking forward to shenanigans on the Visions tour? Got anything special planned?
Yes! [I’m] so excited, I’m looking forward to playing some different types of music I dont really get the chance to play out alot of the time. I think me, Bill and Dillon are all going to bring something completely different but its going to be really fun for sure.

What can we expect from Melé in 2012?
Just more dj-ing I hope! Definitely want to think about starting an album at some point, and hopefully just producing for other people. I’ve got a few things lined up but I’ll leave that ’till then!

Sinden’s ‘G Like Me’ is released via Mad Decent on November 15, backed with remixes from Melé, Hervé, Derek Allen and Brenmar. You can catch Melé in a town near you as he embarks on Deadly’s Visions tour across Europe and the States this week – more info here.