A Sagittariun’s new album is a dizzying journey through outer space

The ambient techno maverick is readying his latest LP for his own Elastic Dreams label.

Bristol-based producer A Sagittariun has been on fire these past few years. His recent Contortion / Concrete Walls single was a psychedelic techno excursion through a 140BPM template. He’s also released a number of records on his own Elastic Dreams label since 2011 – including his excellent 2013 debut LP Dream Ritual –  as well as 2015 singles on secretsundaze and Bristol’s Hypercolour.

His next effort is a full-length, again on Elastic Dreams, called Elasticity. The LP marks a return for the elusive producer, drawing on the sounds of that first album and incorporating tinges of ambient, industrial, breaks and dub, with an inimitable lean towards the cosmos. Speaking on the process of making the album A Sagittariun explains:

Elasticity was recorded over quite a short period, but the sketches and ideas have been germinating for some time, so sonically it’s very coherent and consistent and moves in a way that I personally like albums to move in, with a narrative and flow that holds you right to the end. The recipe for Elasticity was always to be malleable and pliable with the sounds and tempos; for me it’s all about the listening experience, and creating a landscape and a world within that one can really get deep into and explore, it’s optimistic and progressive music for the head, heart and feet. I really do advise the listener to don headphones and take the trip with me”.

You can get a taster of Elasticity below with one of its most arresting tracks, ‘Architect Of Your Existence’. All twinkling key melodies and muscular drum programming, the track summons the kind of jubilant mayhem you’d expect from being launched into outer space. An incredibly assured effort from one of the UK underground’s most eminent producers – embark on an intergalactic journey with A Sagittariun below…

Elasticity is out April 23 on Elastic Dreams. Pre-order it here.