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7 Wonders: Principals (Tasker)

The second of three mixes from London collective Principals arrives courtesy of Tasker. Like his brothers Bradley Zero Phillips and Charles Drakeford who provided us with a banging selection on Monday, Tasker is very much a multi-tasking man. One who connects the dots between music and people to get an overwhelming proportion of good things done. As well as being one third of the aforementioned DJ and promotion trio, he also helms ‘88 Transition‘, a weekly Sunday broadcast session on NTS, organises programs for Boiler Room, selects jams for 22 Tracks, mans the counter at Phonica Records, and has also just started his own label – Whities – an offshoot imprint of Young Turks.

As part of our special coverage leading up to Record Store Day, Tasker brings the heat for our second mix of the week. Hyp 174.2 packs a eclectic array of delights, showcasing some well known gems and some more left-field tracks which Tasker put substantial effort into tracking down. It starts off in ambient fashion by way of  some out there Jazz from Suzanna Kraft and a poignant Classical score from Jean Claude Vannier before moving into Eastern sounds, sophisticated House featuring one of Move D’s best tracks, Techno of the Ben Sims variety and ending on a Garage tip with a bit of Nu-Birth.

Stream the mix below and let Tasker run you through the ‘7 Wonders’ that tickled his fancy beneath.

Tracklist here.

Suzanne Kraft – ‘7:30 In Pads’ (Running Back) 

A track off the fantastic new record from the LA based (male) producer on Running Back. The diversity of Running Back’s releases is hugely refreshing.

Jean Claude Vannier – ‘Le Roi Des Mouches et la Confiture De Rouse’ (Finders Keepers) 

This record always reminds me of Phonica Records and in particular my friend Laetitia who works there with me on Saturdays. There’s always a period at the start of the day before the customers arrive when we play a few more leftfield records and this one was on repeat when it came out.

Eroc – ‘Der Prophet’ (Brain) 

Andrew Weatherall played this on his latest Boiler Room and I went a little bit crazy trying to track it down…The slap bass!!

Blondes – ‘Elise’ (RVNG Intl) 

Matt who runs RVNG is a big hero of mine given the immense quality and (again) diversity of the releases they’ve put out. They’re championing outstanding new talent and giving them room to experiment, whilst at the same time bringing legendary musicians such as The Congos and Craig Leon into the fold, and giving them a voice with a new audience. To top it all off Matt is also a lovely guy & I love Blondes.

Margot – ‘Dancefloor 118’ (Nachdigital)

James Holden is probably my favourite DJ and I used to trawl through tons of YouTube videos of his sets. There was one from Electric Picnic where he played this track when it was still unknown and everyone goes crazy. There’s this one guy at the front who looks totally immersed in the music and every time I’ve seen James play that’s exactly what he does to me.

Rue East – ‘Remove’ (Rewired)

Crazy, off kilter  Techno of the Mills persuasion from Mark Broom and Dave Hill.

Nu-Birth – ‘Anytime’ (Locked On) 

Garage classic which somehow still sounds fresh and not in the slightest bit cheesy to me. That might just be me though…

For information on the next Principals party see here and connect with Tasker on Facebook & Twitter.