7 Wonders: Manse

Mysterious 23 year old London producer Manse has made a swift impact on the Techno-Noise-Ambient boundary since his debut release for Opal Tapes last year. The six track  ‘Lying In Wait’ cassette was a dystopian experiment in Industrial Noise, moments of Ambience and pure driving Techno. Following that he has been exploring a range of themes in his productions. Utilising dark, analogue techniques and experimental sound design, he recently laid down a floor-shattering cut ‘Slacker’ for new Techno label Resin and has a forthcoming debut 12″ release on the London based Lobster Theremin imprint’s black label series.

We’re proud to announce that Manse has gifted us with his debut mix. Hyp 171 is a cacophony of dark, ominous noises, ambient soundscapes and bone-crushing Techno rhythms. It features tracks from label mates and some brutal unreleased material from Clouds. It also contains a very alarming female monologue, which we don’t quite know what to say or even think about… To put things into perspective, the young trailblazer has given us a breakdown of 7 Wonders from the mix, which are currently occupying his headspace.

Manse will be bludgeoning Room 1 at Corsica Studios this Saturday alongside Skudge, Voices From The Lake & Terekke for ‘Find Me In The Dark’. Get more information and tickets here.

1. Manse – Plaque

The first track I made for the Manse project. It’s an auditory reaction to something my friend Jimmy said, ‘scraping plaque out of a U bend with your teeth.’ It was also an experiment in refreshing my creative processes when it comes to music, I used some different equipment and approached the sound design and structure in a more free and ‘if it feels right’ way, compared to music I had been producing previously.

2. Worn – Feminist feat. The KVB

The whole Mira 004 EP is a record that I really enjoy. This track is probably the most mix friendly. The sonics of this song are gorgeous. Despite it’s sinister tones there are some very delicate, soundscapes, like sounds running on top of the track trough out. A great mix between dark and light; a practice I try to employ in my more ambient tracks.

3. Route 8 – Pacific Paradise 

Forthcoming on the Lobster Theremin label, this track by Route 8 is my favourite from the new EP. It’s vibrantly melancholic, whilst keeping the dance-floor in mind. Lobster Theremin is a label close to my heart, and will also be putting out my next record, so I wanted to include a track from the discography in here. It’s also here to represent my other musical tastes, and to affirm the fact i’m not just a cave dwelling Techno goblin.

4. Manse – Under

Under is from my first release on the fantastic Opal Tapes label. For me this track sums up the whole concept behind the 6 tracker very coherently. Not only is it one of the more structured tracks, but I feel it encompasses the blackened, medical vibe that I was aiming for. When I finished this track it helped me to realise that making concrete, abstract music can also serve alternative functions other than just solitary listening experiences.

5. Pris – Pencil Pusher

The vocal snippet in Pencil Pusher, or what ever it actually is.. ‘euwah’ really makes this tune for me. It’s used sparingly over a relentless kick drum and sparkling percussion. Perfect club Techno in my opinion, the drums keep you going, whilst you cling on to the sample, heads down, in the darkness.

6. Manse – Threadbare

Threadbare will be on my next release. This track is a good representation of where my Techno orientated music will be going in the future. Experimenting with recording techniques, and manipulating recordings using different gear/processes, then arranging this collage on top of an almighty throb.

7. Draag & G-23 – Jack on Acid

Draag is extremely underrated in my opinion. He’s making some incredible Techno. I could have picked any number of his tracks to include in this mix, but I thought this collaboration with G-23 was a good fit. Great acid line married with heart monitor beeps.