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7 Wonders: K15

For the last two-years WotNot Music have been releasing an undeniably high calibre of electronic music. An ethos with a soulful lean and a predilection for innovation has resulted in the imprint housing sundry artists including the enigmatic duo DA-10, revered Croydon native Deft, and House extraordinaire Glenn Astro. Wot Not music has become established as a place of residence where nurturing and encouraging creativity is paramount. The consistently superlative release schedule of the label continues with K15′s second outing for the imprint, ‘Bordeaux.

WOT016 is an accomplished EP from the somewhat solitary figure K15. Respected by his piers, and commended by his followers, K15’s potential is truly realised and manifests in the form of two brilliantly and crafted original pieces of music. The undeniably infectious ‘Bordeaux’ uniformly captivates the listener with staunch grooves and flickers of Free Jazz. The allure of the winsomely ominous ‘Hall of Memories’ is upheld by a texturally driven substratum with prevailing references to contemporary Dance music. The original tracks are accompanied by remixes from heavyweight Kaidi Tatham and WotNot affiliate Glenn Astro, who teams up with IMYRMIND for their spin on the title track.


Anyone who’s lucky enough to experience a DJ set from K15 will be indulged in an expansive musical voyage. A result of such dexterity has seen K play alongside Bilal and Marsha Ambrosius as well as multiple guest slots on NTS radio. The seven tracks selected below are testament to K15’s diversity and musical appreciation. The Hyp mix elaborates on this zeal, with an incredibly assorted and coherent mix spanning multiple decades and genres. Featured artists include Nas, Kate Bush, Asha Bhosle and Soft Machine. Stream his mix and read about 7 of the selections below.

Hyp 181: K15 by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1. George Duke – Love Reborn
I’m a huge George Duke fan and this is one of my favourite pieces by him. It’s from his solo piano album. I really enjoy solo piano albums. I used to buy them to sample from but now I cop them instantly. The fact it’s just him, sat at a piano, playing this never ceases to astound me. There is something quite ethereal and warm about this solo piano piece. I tend to play this when I need to be reminded of just how inspiring music can be. There are parts in the song that sound jaded and uncertain but the whole thing is timeless to me.

2. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind
THIS song – WOW. Really stripped back instrumentation and a song that holds a message. My copy is worn down but that’s a GREAT thing. It’s the kind of song kids should sing in assemblies at school.

3. Pete Rock – The Game
Classic rap shit! Prodigy’s verse on this record is insane. A friend hipped me to the Soul Survivor album and this was one of the tracks that I had to rewind time and time again. The loop, the drums – perfection.

4. Urban Sound Gallery – Morning Flute (Morning Mix)
The build in this song gets me every time. EVERY TIME. Sometimes I don’t even want the drums to come in; I want the music to remain ambient. But then they do and that’s cool too. I knew nothing of Ron Trent until I randomly copped this from the reduced dance music section but now I understand why he is held in such high esteem.

5. Pepper Mache – Happiness
I grew up listening to a wealth of house and garage and was fortunate enough to go to a lot of raves too. There were many producers and remixers who were making brilliant music but Tuff Jam were my guys. The vocalist has that gospel-esque grit in her voice that commands your attention. This track is a perfect example of punishing drums and relentless soul.

6. Us3 – Get Out (Afronaught Nocturnal Mix)
Another track where maddening drums meet soulful vocals – a heater! I remember hearing this song at Co-Op once at the crowd erupted. People chanted “GET OUT” in unison and the DJ let the song play to the end, which I’m thankful for because there is a face-melting lead synth solo.

7. Kate Bush – Feel It
Before Twitter and Facebook, I frequented message boards for scores of musical knowledge. One such board was the 4hero message board. There was a guy called Domu, who was a relentless sharer of music and ideas and one of the names he consistently mentioned was Kate Bush. I had heard her name and seen her records but all I wanted was to listen to what I wanted to listen to. One day, I randomly bought a cheap 7” of hers from a charity shop and was instantly a fan. She is a serious musician and songwriter and this song is one of my favourite tracks.


01. George Duke – Love Reborn
02. Gal Costa – Estrela, Estrela
03. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind
04. Placebo – Inner City Blues
05. Soft Machine – Isle Of The Blessed
06. Soft Machine – Panoramania
07. Rodney Franklin – Spanish Flight
08. Asha Bhosle – Mera Naam Hai Shabnam
09. Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y
10. Verb T & Harry Love – Delusion
11. Pete Rock – The Game
12. Harmonic 313 – Neon
13. Nas – Still Dreaming
14. Urban Sound Gallery – Morning Flute (Morning Mix)
15. Pepper Mache – Happiness
16. Kim English – Learn 2 Luv (Marques Wyatt Mix)
17. Us3 – Get Out (Afronaught Nocturnal Mix)
18. Domu – Cold Feet
19. Brownstudy – Towards Improvement
20. Karizma – Here and Now
21. Oasis of Soul – Holdin’ Back (DA Beats)
22. Hanna – About You
23. Frank Quintero – Lagartijo
24. Kate Bush – Feel It

‘Bordeaux’ is release on WotNot Music on the 23rd of June. Stream the track previews here.