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7 Wonders: Baba Stiltz

Baba Stiltz is a 20 year old producer hailing from a long chain of musical vagabonds and funk devotees centred around the chilled yet unpredictable city of Stockholm. From a young age he fell head first in love with music, guided through the relationship process by some of Stockholm’s most prolific artists, DJ’s and producers.

He prides himself in neglecting a lot of what modern music has to offer and has instead embarked upon his own “musical journey of retro-doubt and future-envy”. His recent adventures have led to a string of releases on Stockholm’s most prolific dance label, Studio Barnhus. A frequent face on the Stockholm circuit, this young producer is beginning to break international boundaries and is certainly one to watch for the future.

Hyp 183 is a random and interesting addition to our mix series. Sporadically hopping between genres it’s an eclectic mix of Pop, Funk & Soul which features an undeniable Dusty Springfield classic, an old gem from William Bell, a cracking Larry Levan remix and a couple of unreleased works from Baba’s own forthcoming LP; all tied together with laughable audio outtakes from interviews with the likes of David Schwimmer. The end product allows for a glimpse inside the workings of a coming-of-age psyche and ultimately provides for a refreshing dose of audio aural entertainment.

Stream the mix below and allow Baba to run you through the 7 Wonders which he has hand picked from the selection.

Hyp 183: Baba Stiltz by Hyponik on Mixcloud

01 . Erik Enocksson + Tritonus Choir
Erik Enocksson wrote the music for a Swedish film that I haven’t seen but the soundtrack is really nice; like tiny Pop folk music. Super nice. This track is from a live gig with a choir from some chapel  I think.

02. Pedrodollars – ‘Blamegame’
This is just an amazing track, I think it sets the mood perfectly!

03. Dusty Springfield – ‘Son of a Preacher Man’
This Dusty Springfield track is just like one of my favourite evergreens ever. I used to listen to it on the train ride to school every morning and there was this girl that I was in love with who took the same train as me, so I was psyched on that song and talking to her on the train.

04. Maxxbass – ‘Lover’s Gabba’
Maxxbass is this awesome person from Stockholm. He’s a part of the Top Nice crew and makes the most intuitive music. This particular track is off a free album that was released through Top Nice last year

05.Baba Stiltz – ‘€ Prom’
€ Prom is a track that I wrote during the recording of my forthcoming album. I think a lot of the track is about Sailor Moon. When I was a kid I loved the intro and credits to that series.

06. Man Friday – ‘Winners (Larry Levan Mix)’
Man Friday is just super good and Larry Levan is too of course. Perfect track.

High Feelings – ‘New Tropp’
New Troop is actually a track my friend Samo Dj showed me so props to Sam. It’s kind of what I aspire for my own stuff the be like. Maybe not sonically but there’s a “Krauty” aspect to it that captures some kind of endless emotion which I think is really special.

Baba Stiltz will release his debut LP on Studio Barnhus later this year. Full details have yet to be announced. Meanwhile you can keep up to date with his everyday ramblings on his photo blog


01. Intro (Loving U Baba’s Piano Suite)
02. Erik Enocksson + Tritonus Choir
03. Angelis – ‘Angel’
04. Pedrodollar – ‘Blamegame’
05. William Bell – ‘I Forgot To Be Your Lover’
06. Dusty Springfield – ‘Son of a Preacher Man’
07. Man Friday – ‘Winners’ (Larry Levan Mix)
08. Baba Stiltz – ‘DRIZZY’
09. Maxxbass – ‘Lover’s Gabba’
10. Baba Stiltz – ‘€ Prom’
11. Galvanica – ‘Night Lights In Japan’
12. High Feelings – ‘New Tropp’ (SAMO DJ PICK)
13. Baba Stiltz – ‘U’