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Best Of 2013 In Review: Hyp Mixes

As another year draws to a close and we get ready to bid adieu to the current incarnation of our web site, we felt it the perfect time to have a look back on the past 12 months in the life of Hyponik. Our weekly mix series generated plenty of highlights, as we surpassed the 150 mark and continued to try and bring you the best mix of emerging talent and innovative established names around. Here are six of the best from the past year, taking in all manner of genres, moods and tempos..

 Hyp 115: Ikonika 


An early contender for one of the best of this year came from Hyperdub’s Ikonika, who turned out for us in January. Slotting in the Visionist rerub of Garage/Grime classic ‘Pulse X’ alongside Shed alias WK7, Night Slugs buddies L-Vis and Kingdom, and even honey voiced Soul man Miguel, Sara Abdel Hamid stepped outside of convention without ever losing any of her quality. Catching up with us later in the year to run through the process behind ‘Aerotropolis’, her delightful sophmore album, its fair to say that Hamid continues to be one of our favourites.

Hyp 128: Andrew Ashong


First coming to the attention of most through his rapturously received Theo Parrish collaboration in 2012, Andrew Ashong was kind enough to bless us with ‘The Sunshowers Mix’ back in April. A nice appetite whetter for sunkissed festival hi-jinks abroad in the summer that was to come, the mix brought together the best of Ashong’s mammoth record collection. Piecing together Boss-Nova, ‘Zimbabwean Pub Rock’, cosmic Jazz and much more from 1980 and before, Ashong treated us to a smogasboard of undiscovered delights.

Hyp 137: Phaeleh


Dropping a much loved Hyp mix back in July was Bristolian Phaeleh, who also released his second full length this year. Taking in 123 tracks in 80 minutes, Matt Preston invited us to take a look at the music that inspired him, drawing on everything from Mr.Scruff, to Radiohead and Aphex Twin. At nearly 25,000 plays on Soundcloud and counting, it was one of the most popular mixes we’ve ever hosted on the site.

Hyp 150: Rabit

Grime returned to the fore of the underground consciousness in a big way in 2013, doing so through a careful and necessary mix of innovation with respect for tradition. Arguably no one epitomised the new face of the genre more than Rabit, who contributed our 150th mix. A Texan releasing on a Japanese label (Diskotopia), he displayed a love and understanding of the genre that even surpassed some of his contemporaries from across the pond. Taking in skunk fueled paranoia, urban dread and straight up gunfinger bussin’ madness, Rabit showed Grime to be in rude and vital health.

Hyp 148: Jay Daniel 

jay daniel

One of the latest off the seemingly endless conveyor belt of musical talent out of Detroit, young buck Jay Daniel stepped up to deliver a beguiling mix for us back in September, also taking time to chat about his hometown, being mates with Kyle Hall and the creative process. Weaving together a slew of dusty grooves from the likes of Motor City legends such as Maurice Fulton and Kenny Dixon Jr, the Theo Parrish approved producer created something soulful, smooth and groovy for us that we’ve had on repeat since it first landed.

Hyp 154: iglooghost


A name to watch for 2014, 17 year old iglooghost came through with an incredible mix for us only last month. A real child of the information age, Malliagh’s story is one that is going to become increasingly commonplace in years to come, and if the music is this good, we couldn’t be more excited about that fact. Living in a nowhere town out in the South-west, Malliagh became infatuated with the music of a certain Mr.Flying Lotus and began trying to mimic him and his Brainfeeder pals. Now several years down the line from his initial experiments, he’s an exciting producer in his own right who’s just beginning to get props from idols of his such as Matthewdavid. Listening to his mix, which takes in luminaries of the L.A. beat scene along with his own productions and a gem from Four Tet, you sometimes had to remind yourself that Malliagh still isn’t old enough to legally buy a pint of beer.

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