10 tracks NA of Nguzunguzu is feeling right now

NA is the producer name of Daniel Pineda, one half of Nguzunguzu alongside MA (aka Asma Maroof). Both solo and with MA, he releases on Kingdom’s Fade To Mind, the L.A. sister label to Night Slugs. The pair are also part of Future Brown alongside J-Cush and Fatima Al Qadiri, with their debut self-titled LP coming out on Warp last year.

NA has just dropped Cellar, his second solo EP on Fade To Mind after 2013’s Xtreme Tremble, that’s been described as “a personal manifesto for Pineda’s vision of club music for darker times.” Dark is definitely the word. From the martial war horns of ‘Brass Claim’ to the menacing machine noises of ‘Definite Sentence’, all underpinned by seismic bass weight, Cellar feels aggressive and combative. Even the calmer moments are suffused with threat.

NA has spoken about how the inspiration for Cellar came from The Claw, his new collaborative live project with MA, Kingdom and Total Freedom. There’s certainly a real dynamism to the project, and perfectly treads the line between atmosphere and straight up club heaters.

Cellar is a great showcase for NA’s wide-ranging musical influences, and it gives an insight into the qualities that he brings to Nguzunguzu’s productions and thrilling DJ sets, which incorporate R&B, rap, dancehall and a whole host of global club sounds. We wanted to know a bit more about what he’s listening to right now, so we got him to trawl his search history and draw up this list that includes Durban Gqom producer DJ LAG, fellow Fade To Mind artist Rizzla and the world boss, Vybz Kartel.

Listen to ‘Definite Sentence’ off the new EP, and then check out some of NA’s favourite tracks below:

1. DJ LAG – ‘Fast Lane’ 

DJ LAG is one of my favorite producers from the Durban Gqom scene, love the horns in this one.

2. Rizzla – ‘Airlock’

Rizzla is part of Fade To Mind, his last EP Iron Cages was incredible. Heavy this one – ‘Airlock’

3. EL SHICK – ‘Prendelo’

‘Prendelo’ is fire… Lights up the dance.

4. Acre – Burning Memories EP

I love Burning Memories, Acre is dope.

5. Massacooramaan – ‘Exu Drumz’

Massacooraman’s next record is gonna be so sick – blending with Visionist right here.

6. M.E.S.H. – ‘Azov Seepage’

M.E.S.H. does some great work, crazy textures and dynamics.

7. Kelela – ‘Gomenasai’

This track gives me goosebumps. Asma and Kelela smashed it here.

8. Arca – ‘Siren Interlude’

I love this Arca siren soundscape… And the whole record.

9. Vybz Kartel – ‘Pressure’

Vybz Kartel’s ‘Pressure’ is an anthem, “wa ya know bout tripe and bean?”

10. K.W. Griff – ‘The Force’ (Original Mix)

The intro alone on this K.W. Griff track is an incredible use of Darth Vader’s heavy breathing.

Cellar is out now on Fade To Mind. Order it here.

Featured image: Sara Gernsbacher