19 Apr

Unlock presents KD Music Label Night with Kaiserdisco++

Egg, London

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Line-up /
Kaiserdisco, (Drumcode)
Karotte, (Break New Soil)
Danny Serrano, (Get Physical)

Keira, (Entail Records)
Adapter, (Get Physical)
Lamine, (Entail Records)

Emeskay (King Street)

T.W.I.C.E (My Favorite Robot)
Ania Iwinska (Deepwater recordings)

The label’s two years got much needed love and support from all of you and continuing with good words from Loco Dice, tINI, Pan-Pot, Pig&Dan, Marco Bailey, Andrew Grant and many more.

Friday 19th April, Unlock presents KD Music label party…

Unlock. A new party created with a simple purpose: Getting all of us together for a good time. Unlocking the possibilities and opportunities that good music and even better people bring. It is about the new generation as well as it is about the now generation, or any generation, creating a place of connection and connecting, music and dancing.

The event will feature an incredible lineup of the industries most cutting-edge artist.

★ kaiserdisco (Drumcode)

2013 ushers in a brand new era for Kaiserdisco. This year, Hamburg’s finest production / DJ duo will be taking their own label, KD Music to the next level, developing a brand new ‘Retouch Series’and releasing their secondand highly anticipated artist album. Pushing the envelope of the Kaiserdisco sound even further afield, 2013 looks set to be the best year to date.

Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck first got together as Kaiserdisco in 2008 on the back of nearly a decade of operating separately as solo acts. The change paid dividends immediately and the pair have garnered worldwide support ever since. Their versatility when it comes to blending together elements of techno, deep house and minimal has made them firm favourites on the global underground scene. Acclaimed releases on labels such as Drumcode, 100% Pure, Kling Klong, Terminal M and My Best Friend, coupled with performances at the world’s most impressive clubs and festivals has given them the well deserved respect amongst the industry.

With their own label, KD Music, the boys are getting the chance to release the music they love and on their own terms. Presenting the consummate mix of international and rising talent, the imprint has already seen killer releases from the likes of Danny Serrano and Darlyn Vlys, Hollen, F.Sonik, Oliver Klein & Kolombo, Kernel Key, Anil Chawla, Fabian Argomedo, Arjun Vagale and of course Kaiserdisco themselves.

2013 will also see Kaiserdisco continuing to develop their ‘Retouch Series,’ a collection of remixes and re-edits of tracks that the duo particularly like or still play out in clubs. They will be released only on labels that Kaiserdisco love and personally respect highly. The first package, out now, is available on Systematic Recordings and includes remix classics from Steve Lawler, Booka Shade & Marc Romboy and Dualton.

Having spent much of the last six months locked into intense studio sessions, Kaiserdisco are also now preparing to release their second studio album. The LP format has allowed Patrick and Frederic the scope to present a broad range of their influences, inspirations and passions. Scheduled for release on KD Music in June 2013, the album is set to propel Kaiserdisco even further into the limelight of electronic music.

★ Karotte (Break New Soil)

Here today, gone tomorrow. A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene. Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday.
The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio, shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words, simply everywhere. One starts to wonder: Where does this guy come from? How come I haven`t heard of him before? And first and foremost: Does he even know how to spin a record? All justified inquests, because this so called breakthrough artist must have somewhat of a past, you might suppose. But these Johnny-come-lately frequently can`t differentiate a record from a pizza funghi and their DJ-sets are consequently not really an eye- or ear-opener. The aftereffect: The crowd is disappointed by the self-proclaimed rising star. Expectations and reality don`t correspond one bit.
Then again there are DJs that started playing records way before they set foot in a studio. Handicraftsmen that build their entire career on their unique ability to electrify an audience with their skills behind the turntables. This road is surely longer and harder, but at the same time guarantees a lifelong loyal fan base centered around you.
Peter Cornely aka Karotte, born 1969 in Saarbrücken, is a prime example for such a phenomenon. Over the last two decades the German entertainer has worked himself to the top. Not necessarily as a producer, but as a worldwide revered DJ. Achieving this distinguished position by purely giving 100% each and every night at clubs all around the globe. His unparalleled blend of electronic music surely already separates him from the rest of the field, but his ability to motivate himself to go to the absolute limit all the time, exemplifies his standing as a truly outstanding DJ. His love for music can clearly be heard and seen, no other turntable-wizard lives his set the way Karotte does. His gigs are not just a better option for a wild night out in town, each set is special and an experience in itself. Residencies at numerous discos attest his one-of-a-kind status and value to the electronic scene. U60311 Frankfurt, Stammheim Kassel, Harry Klein Munich and nowadays Cocoon Club Frankfurt are just a few examples of this illustrious list of top notch hot spots. If you would ask one the regular guests of each and every nightery Mr.Cornely has graced throughout his career, which DJ honestly shaped the sound of club, the answer would probably always be the same: Karotte. His open approach to all electronic genres (Minimal, Tech/House, Electro, Breakbeat…) have made him unpredictable and extremely influential to many young musicians out there. But clubs are not the only place where the root vegetable of all DJs can be heard. The radio-show “Karottes Kitchen” on Sunshine Live is more than just your typical “guy playing records all night long” show. Peter invites other befriended colleagues on air and together they discuss groundbreaking issues such as birds, cars and the latest local gossip. His charm and personality are what make the program special and entertaining, it is not just about the music but also about the people who stop by for a short or sometimes longer chit-chat.
Enough of the DJ Karotte, let us talk about the producer Karotte. Over the last few years the Cocoon resident has put the finishing touches on his recent tracks. The renowned artist Gregor Tresher is his latest studio partner. Together they have released “Tronic” and “Storytelling” on Great Stuff Records. Both numbers getting massive support from internationally acclaimed disc jockeys: James Zabiela, Toni Rios, Paul Woolford, Mason, Monika Kruse, Darren Emerson…are all huge fans of their latest output. Peter`s unequalled taste in music clearly reflects in his first Great Stuff 12inch. Eschewing from all contemporary trends and styles, Karottte manages to fill the void between Tech/House, Trance and Acid. But being the workaholic that he is, the long haired mix-master already has the next killer LP up his sleeve. Concurrently to the enormous Mayday this year (of course he is on the bill!), Mr.Cornely is about to unleash his new record. Later in the summer we can even expect a CD mix-series, which will reflect his temporary taste in music.
Here today, here tomorrow, a phrase which perfectly mirrors Karotte`s past, present and future. Event if Peter Cornely should land a number one hit in the dance charts, you would still have to admit that he is a better DJ than the rest of the pack. The prior expectations are surpassed and reality slowly sinks in: Damn, this guy is good!

★ Danny Serrano (Get Physical)

Effortlessly balancing a will to experiment with an unwavering commitment to the?founding spirit of house, Danny Serrano is one of electronic music’s most exciting upand-?comers.

Mixing up styles and moods, but always focused firmly on the dancefloor’s needs and?desires, Danny sets have energy, precision and most of all, soul. Hailing from?Madrid,Spain,He starts being a child. With only 8 years and with a keyboard, he begins?to record, cut and paste diverse sounds Danny took to the decks at the age of 16 after?experiencing sets by visiting European DJs. Inspired by the likes of Satoshi?Tomiie,Lauren Garnier, and many more Danny soon realized that his future lay in?music.

?After a DJ residency with Bar “Refugio” and “Ritual”, one of Madrid premier clubs,In?2004 Fernando Godoy (Señor Goldwind) discovers him, and hes the one who gives?him the opportunity to make himself known nationally and internationally.?After a stage outside Madrid, Danny starts to mix music again in club “Trance” and later?in club “Groove” in Madrid,where in 2006 attracted the attention of Carlsberg, tour?dedicated to all those lovers of good music and quality settings.?In 2006 he began to be part of Carlsberg as a resident only Dj of Carlsberg World Wide?Clubbing, as a bet of the mark by new values, promoting the national talent beside?artists from the international scene.

Danny has notched up a series of high profile releases, including his breakthrough 12” is?having a great acceptance with relases labels such as editing:Get Physical,Bouq, Viva?Music, Suchtreflex, Noir,Saved Records,Break New Soil and many more … enlisting the?support of great artists in your productions: Luciano, Loco Dice,Steve Lawler,Richie?Hawtin,Marco Carola,Joris Voorn,Reboot, Nic Fanciulli, and many more…In this year Carl Cox?also include in your party ( Space Ibiza ) compilation cd “Revolution” original track to Danny?Serrano “Funkify”.In 2011 have also become part of the artists of the family of Saved?Records,label of the prestigious DJ Nic Fanciulli.

?In summer 2010/2011 Danny has been in the partys of Be @ Space Ibiza, sharing a cabin?with the best deejays in the world … also been to the Opening and Closing of Space Ibiza?2010 and Opening Space Ibiza in 2011 leaving a good impression to people who have been?there!!

★ Keira (Entail Records)

Keira shows a particular fascination for electronic music approaching from the beginning to the production Berlin-style tracks.

Born in Italy immediately decided to turn her passion into a job and moved to Milan and traveling between Ibiza and Berlin, where she published a number of projects released on vinyl.

Her first vinyl “Alegria” has been a great success released also in “Pirates Party Vol.1” (Ibiza compilation) that contains tracks by Butch, Format B, ecc.. and “Dj Selection 245” (Italian compilation).

In 2010, establishes a partnership with the German label “ Vitva Records” releasing “Nebel Leben” (with remixes by Andrea Mattioli & Andrea di Rocco and Taster Peter) that enter directly into the top sales in Germany.

Unlock. A new party created with a simple purpose: Getting all of us together for a good time. Unlocking the possibilities and opportunities that good music and even better people bring. It is about the new generation as well as it is about the now generation, or any generation, creating a place of connection and connecting, music and dancing.

★ Adapter (Get Physical)

“the music is the real weapon to change the world”
He is the heart of Adapter.
since childhood he has dedicated his life to music,
studying all musical instruments, guitar, drums and piano, and
developing a good sense of rhythm and composition.
He began his DJ career in the Italian club in 2001.
his shows are a mix of electronic, percussion and melodies.
in 2010 he produces music in his recording studio and close important big labels such as Viva Music and Get Physical.
in 2011 his tracks are played by great artists like Locodice, marco carola.
among them the hit “Playpo” that achieves good results in the charts in Europe.
now plays in many European clubs and lives in Berlin.

★ Emeskay (King Street)

Emeskay consists of Mark Pierce, Scott Pierce and Kris Bowden

In 2011, after a number of years being good mates and sharing a passion for anything with a big beat the trio of dj’s and producers from Kent formed Emeskay.

With individual skills ranging from talent behind the deck’s, mc’ing, writing lyrics to the creation and brains in the studio this next step was inevitable. Bringing ideas and sounds from three different backgrounds, minds and imaginations gives the trio a real armoury when in the studio.

Their influences are taken from right across the musical spectrum from old school, funky house, electro, tech house, deep house, right through to garage/speed garage, drum n bass and hip hop. This mix of personalities and musical taste always makes time in the studio a laugh!

Emeskay have released tracks in 2012 on Unrivaled Music and Sounds of Juan and the lads are making huge waves in the scene with future releases in 2013 due on Arch44, Stosh Music and the massive New York label King Street Sounds with a track that features the vocals of the amazing Amber Jolene!

Their 2012 releases each hit the top 10 in various Deep and Tech house charts and have been featured on radio shows including Manchester Global Radio, Ministry of Sound Radio and BBC Introducing Kent and have received support from some of the industry greats including Roger Sanchez, Luciano, Danny Tenaglia, Timo Garcia, Paco Osuna and many more!

★ T.W.I.C.E (My Favorite Robot)

You could throw around any number of “genre-locking terms” – House, Funk, Deep House, Disco, Acid, Electronica; however, and you’d still fail to get to the meaning of T.W.I.C.E

T.W.I.C.E. originates in a collaboration between V.Rotz and Photoclick aka Antikom, both of them born at Flumo Netlabel.

Photoclick has developed his work within the most ambient and experimental side of the electronic music. For his part, V.Rotz has always focused his works in dance floors. The balance they reach with the join of their styles gives as a result a sound that could be defined as Deep techno, with hints of Dub and House.

Actually they are an essential part of the Flumo Recordings engine, and their music is appearing in such as great labels as My Favourite Robot, Fiakun, Nordik and of course Flumo. Their tunes have been frequently charted by people like Tim Green, Roberto Rodríguez, Varoslav, Baby G or Martin Landsky among others… and reviewed in Magazines like De_Bug, or Ibiza Voice…

Their sets has gone through countries like Spain, Portugal, UK, Sweden or Germany, confirming their good work in the cabin where they combining styles like Deep House, Disco, Techno….being able to connect with the crowd quickly…

Unlock your mind, and the rest will follow…..♥…….!!!

Unlock presents KD Music Label Night with Kaiserdisco++