20 Apr

Mutant Disco Warehouse Party

TBA, London

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So here we are, Mutant Disco celebrates its 2nd birthday.
We will celebrate our anniversary event with two artist who we feel know what our night is really about great music and good vibes. Their both real music enthusiast and are respected highly amongst the dj community and with out doubt amongst their many fans.

We welcome with open arms Mr Kris Wadsworth, an artist who has been pushing musical boundaries with his very distinct sound & Moon Harbours very own Chris Lattner, described as ‘ambitious, tireless and ferociously dedicated’, he is a pioneering individual with an undeniable talent for infectious house grooves.

We would also just like to say thank you, to all who have been involved in the journey up to this point, all the headliners and resident Dj’s and the friends we have had play for the night you have all been great at supplying some great music but most of all we would like to thank our friends! Without you and your support the journey would not have been the same and here’s to the many who have joined us since the beginning.

To understand It, you have to experience it.

Full Line Up:

**Kris Wadsworth** (Hypercolour / Get Physical)

**Chris Lattner** (Moon Harbour)

Plus residents
Black Plastic
Ollie K


Guest List: Mutantglist@live.co.uk

More Info: Please “Like” the official event page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mutant-Disco/192802667408772

Mutant Disco Warehouse Party