12 Apr

Make Me Loft Party with Lawrence

TBA, London

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Line-up /
Lawrence (Dial)
Rubin, Rupes & Nic Baird (Make Me)
Dan Beaven
Promoter /
Lawrence’s melancholic, measured brand of house and techno has been consistent in its quality for more than ten years, thirty singles, five full length albums and around fifty remixes. In the realm of electronic music, maintaining such a consistency of quality is rare; having your first releases sound remarkably undated over this length of time is almost unheard of, yet this rings true for Lawrence’s music.

Over the years, his label Dial has seen a remarkable run of releases from kindred artists like Efdemin, John Roberts, Pigon, Pantha Du Prince, Roman Flügel and many more. Its off-shoot label, Laid, has since 2009 done similarly well on a deep house tip, with memorable releases by Rick Wade, Kassem Mosse, Smallpeople and RNDM.

In 2006, Lawrence, along with a few close friends set up the record store and physical label Smallville Records. The friendly vibes and family feel of the store also extends to the regular parties they throw and of course the music that the label releases.

And to top it off, he is known throughout Europe as one of the finest deep house DJs on the scene. We know that his sound is perfectly suited to the unique loft space where we are starting to make our home. Three hours of classy, soulful, seductive deepness are the order of the evening.

Make Me Loft Party with Lawrence