14 Dec

Make Me – Kassem Mosse & DJ Deep

Hoxton Basement, Drysdale Street, N1

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In an age of celebrity DJs there is something uniquely compelling about genuine anonymity – about those that would rather their music do the talking than their PR agency. Despite being widely regarded as one of the leading lights in contemporary house and techno the mystery of Kassem Mosse endures, largely due to his music.

With seminal releases on labels like Workshop, Non Plus and Mikrodisko he has carved a unique niche. Developing a sound that somehow manages to be both sonically cohesive and structurally divergent with tracks that vary between slow-mo, bleary-eyed sludge-fests to wiry, jacked-up workouts and back again, often on the same slab of wax. In 10 years when people look back at this period there is no doubt that he will be one of a handful of producers whose work defines it.

And while we love his records, this live set he’s been doing is something else. With its focus on hardware this is ‘live’ in the truest sense – raw, on the edge of control and different every time. The low-slung tempo and polyrhythms are tribal in the sense that they make us want to take our shirts off and stomp around a bonfire all night. And ultimately isn’t that what this is all about?

Playing alongside Kassem on the night will be one of the underground’s most respected selectors – DJ Deep. Having started his career working alongside Laurent Garnier in Paris in the early 90s, Deep has steadily built a reputation as one of the world’s most consistent, forward thinking DJs. With a focus on quality, as opposed to restrictive genre definitions, Deep is known for his superb taste and dedication to playing only the very best in house and techno from across the decades. Whether that’s a ‘hot off the press’ techno white label from Berlin, a forgotten Detroit classic from the mid-90s or the latest release on his hugely respected Deeply Rooted label the man has got them in his bag. We’ll be giving Deep three hours to close the night with some of the most righteous house and techno you’re ever likely to hear.

Support on the night will come from Make Me residents Rubin, Rupert and Nic Baird – pulling together a unique selection of the deepest in deep house from the farthest reaches of their record collections.

Do not miss it!


Make Me – Kassem Mosse & DJ Deep