03 May

Killthedj and Marketing Night with Sex Judas (Live)++

Dance Tunnel, 95 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB, London

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Please find details of the Kill The DJ and Marketing night at Dalston’s new party hub Dance Tunnel with Sex Judas performing his first ever Europe show


headlining the show is Sex Judas (Sex to his mother) he’s a mysterious artist whose face has yet remained unknown, and this will be his first live show in Europe. Sex Judas a vigilante and underground musical entrepreneur working in tandem with his trusted sidekick Ricky since the dawn of time (or the death of Jesus). Myth has it that after the infamous “kiss”, Judas was damned to live on earth for eternity. He decided to make the best of it and delved head first into his true passion: music. Known as a motherfucker on the “Uggav” since his early teens, he emerged in the underground sounds of Judea and never looked back. Judas & Ricky state they are on a mission to play music that reflects the real life, in all its horny, absurd, joyous and yes sometimes evil ways…with emphasis on the bass of course! Sex Judas has been getting busy of late with two great releases on Tim Paris’ Marketing Music label My Girls avaliable here http://www.beatport.com/release/my-girls/1020149

IAFL aka Ivan and Tim are delighted to be at the helm for the rest of the night. In the midst of recording their album, they will come out of their bunker for the evening. Describing what will be played is useless, their sound is no sound. Defying categories being an imperative. As they say, ‘expect the unexpected.’ You will be dancing for sure; dancing on the edge. (If not, it means you are taking up too much space.) This is the very early or very late downbeat side of IAFL- White Light signalling the start, or the end of the tunnel..https://soundcloud.com/its-a-fine-line/white-light-72-its-a-fine-line/s-jw8Tj

latete atoto- aka Kristina and Chloe- live in London and play records. Kristina performed bass & keys with Chloe’s former band Battant, (signed to French independent label Kill The DJ). As well as playing other people’s records they both keep busy writing their own. Musical tastes are eclectic – a fact very much reflected in their record collections.


YouTube http://atnd.it/Y2tl9N
Facebook http://atnd.it/14SZZSP

Advance tickets £6

Keywords: marketing music, killthedj, electronic, dance tunnel, ivan smagghe, tim paris, it’s a fine line, sex judas, dalston, house

Artists / Speakers: latete atoto., It’s A Fine Line (Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris), Sex Judas (Live)


Killthedj and Marketing Night with Sex Judas (Live)++