London-based producer Luke Younger aka Helm, has been crafting his wonderfully weird blend of raucous experimentalism for almost a decade now. He currently runs the Alter imprint and is releasing his second full-length for experimental label PAN.

Mixes by Helm:

Hyp 221: Dylan Stark

Arriving gloriously, fully formed out of seemingly nowhere, Dylan Stark managed the rare feat of staying under wraps until he…

Hyp 191: Bill Kouligas

Bill Kouligas has scant regard for rigid concepts like ‘genre’. Listen to any of the fifty plus releases to come…

Hyp 189: Pride Of Gombe

Formed out of, “a mutual love of Goulash on a Friday night”, Pride Of Gombe is a seven headed DJ’ing…

Hyp 174.2: Principals (Nic Tasker)

The second of three mixes from London collective Principals arrives courtesy of Tasker. As well as being one third of the aforementioned DJ and…

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YouTube Sessions: Helm

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