As one of the most exciting producers of contemporary D&B, New Zealand’s Olly Peryman aka New Zealand Fis has made a handful of  acclaimed (and often hard-to-find) releases on Tri-Angle, Loopy and New Zealand imprint Void Coms.


Mixes by Fis:

Hyp 221: Dylan Stark

Arriving gloriously, fully formed out of seemingly nowhere, Dylan Stark managed the rare feat of staying under wraps until he…

Hyp 206: Jon 1st

There’s no great mystery to what makes Jon1st a good DJ – he simply plays the records people like and…

Hyp 164: Lakker

Recently R&S signees Lakker throw some curveballs in the mix alongside some new material and some Techno bombs on Hyp 164…

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Song-By-Song: Fis – ‘The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now’

Song-By-Song: Fis – ‘The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now’

New Zealand producer Fis guides us on a synesthetic journey through the nine tracks of his long awaited debut album…

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