Xavier Thomas, better know as French producer Débruit, has been releasing his cohesive concoction of far-flung sounds since his first self-released EP in 2006, before a slew of well-received records courtesy of Civil Music that blended elements of West Coast Hip-Hop, Kwaito House and Dub, amongst many other skewed global sounds. Stand-out single, electro-Afrobeat number ‘Nigeria What’ from 2010′s ‘Spatio Temporal’ EP gained notable attention, with dancers worldwide choreographing their own routines to the track’s infectious chopped vocal hooks and scattering drum work.  He’s also amassed a significant live reputation after performing a particularly electrifying set on the Red Bull stage at Sonar back in 2009 (he’s an RBMA 2008 alumni) and has since been a highly sought after booking, offering a unique and often unexpected approach to live electronic performance.

Mixes by Débruit:

Hyp 131: Murder He Wrote

This week we welcome DJ, producer, radio host and all round good chap, James Ongley aka Muder He Wrote. His…

Hyp 026: Musique Large

Heading up the Parisian instrumental hip-hop scene for over 4 years now, France’s Musique Large are, in our humble opinion,…

Hyp 007: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wolverhampton’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the new breed of young producers taking hip-hop, dubstep, garage and real song…

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