The Analogue Cops

The Analogue Cops

Together, the Italian born producers Lucretio & Marieu are The Analogue Cops. Originating from the Venetian border town of Padua, the relaxedly passionate, humble duo now find themselves in Berlin, where they have now lived and worked for over 6 years. The Analogue Cops play Live with machines. No computers. That’s the key to their sound. Every show is different. They arrange pumping, attitude-full tracks live on stage, using their heads, hearts and hands.

The tale of the ‘Cops’ began with a love for raw, lively club music – the less conventional the better, and eventually of course a more than healthy interest in making music using hardware. Drum machines, mixing desks, effects units, guitar pedals, reel-to-reel tape recorders and many more rare and unusual toys make up their studio today. To touch, to play, to interact, to shape and spontaneously create, these are the driving elements of their work.

The pair work tirelessly in the creation of new, spontaneous music. Without saving parts, without backing up to disk, without recording to a computer, the hardware purists take a classic studio approach, where the end result of their jams is always recorded to tape.

Then of course their striking, robust tracks are released on lovely warm vinyl, and vinyl only– savouring the dust and glorious crackles that come with it over time. Their records are their calling card, but don’t expect to hear them played again in exactly the same way. Once recorded, the pair move on; an archival team excitedly discovering more and more new sounds, samples and synthlines.

The duo’s output is typically prolific, given the rather instantaneous way they record music, and the many labels and projects they run or take part in. Their vinyl love child, and primary co-owned label is Restoration Records. Founded in 2007, the very name suggests a love of things past, and of cultivating a historical, cultural awareness for this music. As the base for their primary output, the label has become highly respected thanks to its functional, minimalistic approach and lack of ego.

Together with Steffi, who runs her Dolly and Klakson labels, they form ‘Third Side’. The trio prepare to release their debut album entitled ‘Unified Fields’, further exploring the dynamic of three pairs of hands working the controls. A series of collaborations have also emerged with, amongst others, with British producer Blawan for their ‘Parassela’ project. The approachable and grounded pair remain open minded when it comes to others they might work with.

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